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Three New England Patriots’ Players Who Will Need To Step Up Big Against The Dolphins In Week

Here are three New England Patriots’ players who will need to perform well against the Dolphins in week one

The Patriots have had a rough time playing against the Dolphins over the last few years. The Dolphins are trying to make a playoff push with Tua, and the Patriots are trying to find themselves back in the playoffs, after they made it last year with a rookie Mac. Here are three players for the Patriots who will have to step up against the Dolphins in week one.

Matthew Judon

The Dolphins are looking to become a better passing offense, and that is visible by their off-season moves. They traded for Tyreek Hill, and brought in Cedrick Wilson. This is likely Tua’s last year to prove himself, and they brought in elite talent around him. New England’s secondary is a little questionable right now, and they have a lot of unproven talent at the cornerback. Matthew Judon will need to step up big against the Dolphins. Judon had a career year last year with 12.5 sacks, and he needs to replicate that this season.

The Dolphins have the potential to give secondaries a very hard time with their offense, and if Matthew Judon is able to generate a pass rush. By being able to generate a pass rush, New England can throw of the Dolphin’s passing offense. If Judon is able to be a consistent presence and dominate the field, the Dolphin’s will either fall behind if New England’s offense is on point, or they will try to rush the ball. Forcing the Dolphins to run the ball would be ideal for New England, as the Dolphins were a bottom ranked rushing team in 2021.

Jakobi Meyers

Jakobi Meyers has fell under the radar over the last few years, but he’s been an extremely productive receiver for New England. The Patriots need to take a leap in their passing offense, and they did that by trading for Devante Parker and drafting Tyquan Thornton. Meyers has been the number one receiver for the Patriots over the last few seasons, and it seems to be too high of a role for him. Now with Devante Parker and the emergence of Kendrick Bourne, Meyers is in his perfect role.

With Jakobi Meyers likely receiving the third amount of defensive attention now, he can thrive in his role in his new role. Meyers has a knack for getting open, and now it will be even easier for him. Meyers will need to step up against the Dolphins, and he likely won’t be going against Xavien Howard or Nik Needham.

Jalen Mills

Jalen Mills will likely be the number one cornerback this season for New England, and he’ll need to step up big time this game. He’ll likely draw the assignment of Tyreek Hill. As mentioned before, New England’s secondary is a little questionable, and how they do against the Dolphins would be a great sample to have.

The Patriots will have to face numerous fast offenses during this season, and Mills is arguably the most important defender for New England. If he’s able to slow down Tyreek Hill, Jonathan Jones against Jaylen Waddle is a pretty even match, and it won’t hurt the Patriots that much. Tyreek Hill is the most explosive receiver in the league, and if Jalen Mills is able to slow him down, the Patriots’ secondary doesn’t seem like a big question mark anymore. If Mills is able to slow down Tyreek Hill, he can compete with any elite receiver in the league.

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