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Three Games In 2022 Where The Patriots’ Offense Will Need To Level Up

The AFC has become loaded with offensive talent. Here are three games where the Patriots’ offense will need to be at their best.

The NFL has gotten more offensive-oriented and offenses have become more explosive over the last few seasons. The Patriots play quite a few explosive teams, and New England will need to have a good showing to win those games. Here are three games in 2022 where the New England’s offense will have to be at their very best to win the game.

3. Patriots Vs Dolphins

New England’s offense has been rather inconsistent against the Dolphins over the last few seasons, but it’s very important that the team’s offense is at their best for this game. The Dolphins have had a terrific off-season, adding an offensive coach in Mike McDaniel, signing Terron Armstead, getting one of the most explosive receivers in the game: Tyreek Hill, and getting a good number three receiver in Cedrick Wilson. Miami has built their team on offense, and it’s important the Patriots keep up with them.

The Dolphins also have a good defense, and their secondary was ranked the fifth best in the NFL. With those additions by Miami mentioned before, New England will have to keep up with their offense to win the game. Specifically, the passing game will need to be on point. A matchup the Patriots might see, and one they need to win, is Devante Parker against Xavien Howard. Parker is New England’s best receiver and Howard is the Dolphin’s best corner.

An X factor in this game is potentially Jakobi Meyers. With Devante Parker and Kendrick Bourne likely seen as receivers one and two, Meyers likely won’t be facing Xavien Howard or Noah Igbinoghene. Meyers has a good advantage on their cornerback three, and he has a potential to have a hundred yard receiving game.

2. Patriots Vs Vikings

The Vikings have a very underrated explosive offense heading into 2022. They have playmakers like Dalvin Cook, Justin Jefferson, and Adam Thielen, an above-average quarterback in Kirk Cousins, and they were able to get a new offensive coach. The Vikings’ offense has the potential to be very dynamic, and the Patriots need to be able to match them. The good news for New England is, there are two ways for them to win this game on offense.

The Patriots can win this game by establishing the run game and dominating the clock. The Vikings ranked as one of the worst defenses against the run, giving up 4.7 yards per carry. However, if the Vikings get off to a good start and New England needs to pass, New England shouldn’t have trouble generating passing yards either.

The Vikings also rank as one of the worst pass defenses in the NFL. They gave up 6.9 yards per passing attempt, and 4,300 yards over the season. Someone who could have a big game would be Nelson Agholor. With all the defensive attention on other receivers, Agholor’s ability to be a down the field threat could be very useful in this game.

1. Patriots Vs Bills

All departments for New England will likely have to be at their best against the Bills. The Patriots’ offense will have to be sharp in both games against the Bills. As seen in the Wild Card Game, the Bills can score in bunches, and if New England has a few sloppy drives the game could be over. Mac’s development must show in this game, along with the receivers stepping up big time. New England needs to match the firepower of the Bills.

New England needs to get Mac comfortable so that he can get in a rhythm. Whether it’s quick passes from the start, or establishing a successful running game and then getting lots of yardage through the play-action game, Mac is the key for this game. There are games the Patriots can win by playing good defense and running the ball, but this is a game where Mac will have to show he can duel with the elite quarterbacks.

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