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Three Free Agent Quarterbacks The Minnesota Vikings Should Target

The Minnesota Vikings have a lot of decisions to make this offseason, including the biggest decision of them all: who will be the team's starting quarterback in 2024?

While Kirk Cousins and the Vikings have shown interest in running it back for another year or two, there is always the potential for those extension talks to fall through. What should Minnesota do then? Draft a rookie QB? Probably. But they should also look at the pending free agents to be their 2024 starter. Here are three quarterbacks the Vikings should target if they're unable to re-sign Cousins.

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From Tennessee To Minnesota

Ryan Tannehill would make sense as a veteran quarterback to pair with a young rookie. The 35-year-old has over 34,000 career passing yards and 216 passing touchdowns. Give him an elite supporting cast with Justin Jefferson, T.J. Hockenson and Jordan Addison, and you could have a pretty good offense. 

Another reason for going with Tannehill? You could get him at a decent price. According to, Tannehill's market value sits at $4.9 million per year. That's a lot less than the $39.3 million they say Cousins could see this spring. 

I think having a veteran QB with a lower cap hit in the room to help in the development of a rookie is very beneficial. Ryan Tannehill would provide exactly that for the Minnesota Vikings.

Jacoby Brissett

He may not be the flashiest name in the free agent pool, but Jacoby Brissett does a lot of things right at the quarterback position. The Florida native has 79 games of NFL experience and is no stranger to being a starter in this league. 

Brissett started 11 games for the Cleveland Browns in 2022 and played in 16 games overall that season. That year he completed a career-high 64.0% of his passes for 2,608 yards and 12 touchdowns. Before his time with the Browns, Brissett spent time in New England, Indianapolis (where he started 30 games) and Miami. He was on the Commanders' roster this year but only saw 46 snaps.

As mentioned above, Brissett wouldn't be the biggest free agent signing, but he can manage the game and more often than not will put the ball in the right spot.

Mayfield On The Vikings

This is by far my favorite non-Kirk Cousins pick at quarterback for the Vikings if they go the free-agent route. Baker Mayfield always provides excitement, both good and bad.

After being discarded in Cleveland, Mayfield struggled to gain his footing in Carolina (few QBs have been able to produce with the Panthers), before going to L.A. to start four games for the then injury-plagued Rams. Tampa took a shot on the 28-year-old last off-season and it paid off.

Not only did Baker throw for a career-high 4,044 yards and 28 touchdowns, he also led the Bucs to a playoff win over the Philadelphia Eagles. If there's one negative note about Baker Mayfield it would be the interceptions. However, you somewhat expect those with his fearless style of play. Adding Mayfield to an offence with the weapons that the Vikings have could be a lot of fun. But is Minnesota willing to take that shot?

Final Thoughts

I believe Kirk Cousins is a far better option at quarterback than any of the three players above, but it's good to look at other options outside of the 12-year NFL vet. If I were Minnesota, I'd be more than willing to pay to have Kirk back as the starter for at least next season.

I also think it makes sense for this team to look to the NFL Draft for a potential franchise quarterback. Will that guy be there at 11 overall? I'm not sure.

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