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Three Big Reasons Why To Sign Jakobi Meyers To A Long-Term Deal

While The Patriots’ receiver department is known for having lots of depth, Jakobi Meyers sticks out. Meyers is only guaranteed to be on the roster until next season; anything can happen from there. Meyers is a very dependable receiver who can straight-up get open. While the receiving core for the Patriots hasn’t stood out, Jakobi did. He was great with Cam Newton and with a rookie Mac Jones. Jakobi is a safety blanket every quarterback needs. Here’s why the Patriots need to re-sign him.

Room For Improvement

Since he’s 25, it can be assumed that he’s a finished product, but that is not certain. Jakobi Meyers had a breakout with Cam Newton, receiving for 729 yards. After the 2020 season, many expected a breakout season for Jakobi. While Jakobi Meyers did have a healthy increase in production, he didn’t reach the 1,000 receiving yards mark. The Patriots’ passing offense was very inconsistent in 2021, so that didn’t show Jakobi Meyers’ true potential.

Jakobi led the Patriots in receiving yards in 2021, with 866. Considering he had a rookie quarterback, that’s very impressive. Also, since Mac Jones will likely take a leap in 2022, along with less defensive attention on Jakobi, Meyers is in an excellent position. Meyers has always had a knack for getting open, and now defenses won’t key in on him. As a result, Jakobi could become a 1000-yard receiver and a top target for Mac Jones.

Provides A Reliable Option

While Jakobi Meyers may not be a true elite number one receiver, he can still be a good presence for the Patriots. Many people expected Meyers to take a pretty giant leap this season. While he may not have taken the expected jump, Jakobi still took a good strive forward. Teams in today’s offense have multiple receiving threats that can hurt you. Meyers can constantly get open and be a great receiving option.

Jakobi is a very good short to intermediate pass catcher, which fits the Patriots well. The connection between Mac and Jakobi has another level it can reach. Jakobi provides everything a young quarterback needs, and he can help Mac Jones’ development a lot. Also, this will be the first time Jakobi gets continuity with a quarterback. He had Tom, then Cam, then Mac. He’s able to build chemistry without the quarterback changing. Continuity could help unlock another level with Jakobi Meyers.

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Depth will always pay off in the NFL. Through a 17-game season, injuries are very likely. However, having another good producing receiver in the room will ultimately be very beneficial, and having a core of receivers could fare well for the Patriots. They never seem to focus on one player. Instead, they play as a well-run unit. A talented receiver like Jakobi Meyers and other solid receivers could create a very productive receiver room heading into 2022.

Meyers has been able to stay healthy for the first few years of his career. With the addition of Devante Parker, Meyers becomes even more valuable. Parker has had trouble staying healthy throughout his career, and in case he gets injured, the Patriots have an excellent option to fill the void rather than having the offense take a massive hit backward. You can never have too much firepower on offense, as seen with teams like the Rams and Bengals. Having multiple offensive threats that can produce for you is very beneficial.

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