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This Warriors Hidden Gem Will Determine How Far They Go

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

The Golden State Warriors had a rocky regular season, but they see themselves back in regular playoff form. Andrew Wiggins missed a large chunk of the later part of the regular season and was getting back into playoff shape in the first two games. It is not a coincidence the Warriors lost their first two games.

Wiggins brings more to the table than most role players. With Wiggins healthy, another championship run is not out of the question. Let’s check out why Andrew Wiggins is a crucial part of this Warriors playoff run.

Crucial Defense

Andrew Wiggins is arguably the Warriors’ most impactful defender. He was crucial to their playoff run last year most notably because of his defense against Jayson Tatum. The West is more competitive than many thought, and there are numerous stars that Wiggins will need to limit. A round-two matchup with the Los Angeles Lakers seems imminent, and that means Lebron James and Anthony Davis. Lebron James hasn’t been playing that well in the playoffs.

Lebron has averaged 22 points per game on 18 shots per game. He’s shooting 45% from the field but 16% from three. Regardless, Lebron James is still one of the toughest covers in the NBA, and the Lakers are a big team with Davis and Lebron. Wiggins has a defensive rating of 115 this season. Lebron and Anthony Davis can take over a game with scoring, and Wiggin’s defense throughout this playoff run can change things drastically for Golden State.

Secondary Scoring

The Warriors are known for their depth, but on any given day players like Klay Thompson and Jordan Poole have games where they make no impact with their scoring. Klay Thompson had a great game four and five. In game three, he shot 5-15 with 13 points. Klay is a three-point specialist, and regardless of how terrific how a shooter he is, three-point specialists can have cold nights.

Jordan Poole is young and shows flashes, but his efficiency has dropped these playoffs and for this season as a whole he has been inconsistent. That leaves Andrew Wiggins. Wiggins is a consistent 17-20 point-per-game scorer in almost every game and provides elite defense. Wiggins doesn’t have a flashy scoring ability, but he can hit the three or take the ball to the rim.

Wiggins is a consistent scoring option for Golden State, and his ability to space the floor will be crucial in a playoff push for the Warriors.


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