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This Underrated Patriots’ Player Can Have A Big Career Year In 2022

The Patriots have had a very interesting off-season. One player who has fell under the radar can potentially breakout in 2022.

Towards the end of the 2021 season, it was starting to become more clear that the Patriots’ needed to re-tool certain areas. After the way the 2021 season ended, it was obvious the Patriots needed to get younger and faster, especially on defense. New England departed with their veteran linebacker Kyle Van Noy, and it seems unlikely that they re-sign Dont’a Hightower and Jamie Collins. Ja’Whuan Bentley fits in perfectly with the Patriots and is poised for a breakout year heading into the 2022 season.

What Ja’Whuan Bentley Has Done So Far

Ja’Whuan Bentley is entering his fifth year with the Patriots. What he’s done so far for New England doesn’t jump off the board, but he flashes potential, and the ability to be the best linebacker for New England. Bentley started seeing meaningful time in 2020. In 2020 Bentley recorded 91 tackles, 41 assists on tackles, and 1.5 sacks. In 2021, Bentley recorded 109 tackles, 41 assists on tackles, and one sack. Bentley is a 6’2 two hundred and sixty pound linebacker who runs a 4.75. He brings intense energy to New England. Bentley has been a great tackler so far in New England, and he should see an increase in his trajectory with a bigger role.

What Ja’Whuan Bentley Provides For The Patriots

Ja’Whuan Bentley has a large role ahead of him heading into 2022, and his skill set is extremely valuable for New England. Bentley brings athleticism, speed, and has the ability to make tackles. While what he does doesn’t pad the stats, he’s the true X factor for New England and their defense. Bentley is simply a playmaker and can change the momentum of a game.

It was clear New England needed to go towards faster linebackers who can tackle, and Bentley fits that mold. Ja’Whuan Bentley flashes his talent in the stint he does get to play. He’s a typical Patriots’ player, he can simply do his role and contribute for the team. He doesn’t try to do too much, and it’s clear New England trusts him, and that they are willing to give him a good amount of playing time.

As mentioned before, New England saw the loss of veteran defensive players, paving the way for Bentley. Bentley is considered a leader in the locker room, and he’s looked at as the best communicator on defense. Bentley is only 26 years old, and he’s poised for a breakout year. This is clearly the largest opportunity Bentley has been given throughout his stint with the New England Patriots.

Why Bentley Will Breakout

Well it’s pretty simple, Ja’Whuan Bentley has all the necessities a player needs to breakout. He has a coaching staff that believes in him, and he will have the opportunity to get lots of playing time. Bentley has had a good pre-season and training camp. As seen with Bentley’s statistics, every time his on the field time goes up, his production also takes an increase as well. Bentley’s breakout will likely not rack up the stat sheet, but Bentley is the prototype of the glue veteran that every team is searching for.

New England has been looking for fast athletic linebackers who can tackle, and they even acquired Mack Wilson. A duo of Ja’Whuan Bentley and Mack Wilson will fare much better in the dynamic AFC compared to Dont’a Hightower and Kyle Van Noy. In 2021, New England’s coaching staff has nothing but praise for Ja’Whuan Bentley, and there is a very good possibility he is their number one linebacker heading into 2022. New England’s defense will look significantly faster heading into 2022.

It was a great decision to move off of their veterans and give the reign to faster players, such as Mack Wilson and Bentley. The Patriots have lots of young talent on their roster, and if they are able to develop, New England’s defense will get significantly better heading into the 2022 season. The AFC is loaded with young, speedy talent, and the Patriots were able to match that by getting their defense younger and faster. While they may have some growing pains, players like Jennings, and Perkins can also become solid contributors.

Another reason Ja’Whuan Bentley can have a breakout season is because event though there is the possibility he will be the Patriots’ number one linebacker, he still likely won’t be the main priority for offenses. Matthew Judon was arguably the New England Patriots’ best in 2021, he broke out with 12.5 sacks. Pairing that with potential star Christian Barmore, Bentley can thrive in his role. Ja’Whuan Bentley will see himself in a large role as a featured linebacker, but he won’t be one of the defense’s top priority due to having Christian Barmore and Matthew Judon to worry about.

The Patriots are very good at drafting and developing talent on the defensive side of the football. Bill Belichick can eye good talent in the later rounds, and he’s notorious for putting players in positions in which they will succeed. The talent Ja’Whuan Bentley has is clearly visible, but ever since he joined New England, they were a Super Bowl contender. Also, there were proven veterans above him on the depth chart who were also playing at a high level such as Jamie Collins, Dont’a Hightower, and Kyle Van Noy. However, when all of those veterans have started to slow down with age, Bentley is in the perfect position to breakout.

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