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This Prospect Can Be New England's Tackle Of The Future

Updated: Apr 16

New England has many offensive holes, including quarterback, wide receiver, and Tackle. I have already written the article about the WR, which I think New England should draft. Let's talk about a prospect who could be the Left Tackle of the future.

Kingsley Suamatia is the perfect day-two prospect for the Patriots to invest in. He is projected to be a left tackle, which is vital because switching sides isn't as easy as people think. New England should prioritize Suamataia on day two even if they have to take him at 34. If so, they must move up to get the WR mentioned above.

Who Is Kingsley Suamataia?

Kingsley is a 6'5, 326-pound 21-year-old with massive potential. He has played in 24 games, logging 1,342 offensive snaps, 742 of which were pass-protection snaps. In these snaps, Suamatia only gave up 14 quarterback hurries, eight hits, and two sacks.

"Elite athletic skills -- Made Bruce Feldman's 'Freaks List' at number 3. He wrote: " Suamataia hit 21.5 MPH last year as a 318-pound freshman. That’s really good for a 218-pounder, much less an athlete 100 pounds more than that. “He’s so fluid and smooth,” Mayne says. “I think he could run in the 4.8s. He’s definitely a sub-5 guy (in the 40). He’s super explosive and can throw a ton of weight around. You watch him on the field throw a big defensive end around with one arm, and he doesn’t even break stride. If he wanted to be a tight end or fullback, because he’s so naturally gifted and has the agility, he could.”"

Granted, BYU isn't seeing the best pass rushers, but still, it's an impressive resume. Most of his skill set consists of things coaches can't teach. Suamatia has elite quickness and incredible strength. His jump at the snap is impressive in either direction.

Pass protection is where his true skills lie. This is not to say he is a lousy run blocker, but pad level and hand placement occasionally get him in trouble. Kinglsey will be a plus blindside blocker in this league, and New England desperately needs help in that position.

How Would Suamataia Fit In New England's Offense

Under Alex Van Pelt, the Patriots will want to operate in an outside zone-blocking scheme that is married with motions and the utilization of gaps. This is actually going to be a scheme fit for Suamataia, who is a special athlete. He can also get to the second level and dominate linebackers and defensive backs.

Michael Onwenu is a plus starter at Right Tackle. Sidy Sow showed that he could handle the Right Guard position. David Andrews is back to anchor the Center, and Cole Strange should be fully healthy this season, which has been key for him. Having Suamataia lock up that left side gives them three starters under 25 years old and one at 26.

End Of Rant

New England is relying heavily on this 2024 draft to make a massive difference to their franchise, which is possible. I will root for any of the players the Patriots take (except JJ McCarthy), but I hope if I can see a talent like Suamataia, then New England can, too.


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