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This Patriots Super Bowl Winning Coach Needs To Be Fired.

Ten weeks ago, there was hope. Fans murmured throughout New England that this was the Patriots’ year. The boys are back, but is that a good thing? McDaniels accepted the Raiders job, leaving Belichick without an offensive coordinator with a potential franchise quarterback. He needed a little help from his friends. But sometimes, friends bring you down. They hold you back from reaching your full potential. So Belichick brought back an old pal to help usher in a new era in Foxboro.

He brought back Matt Patricia after the Lions canned him. Belichick gave him a second chance with a highly vague role. The following season, he’s calling plays. Offensive plays.

How Did The Patriots Offense Perform Before Patricia?

Patriots fans forgot that Mac Jones played in the Pro Bowl last season. He struggled through the first six weeks of the season. Then, until their bye, Jones carried the Pats to victory. If he wasn’t throwing over 260 yards, he was throwing multiple touchdowns. If he throws one in 2022, it’s a miracle.

It’s a miracle that the offense scores at all! Every drive feels like pulling teeth. Mac snaps the ball, and three steps later, he’s on the ground! Who’s the man in charge of the offensive line? The same man who calls plays.

The Patriots’ Offense Is Better Off Without Matt Patricia

I loved Matt Patricia as the Patriots’ defensive coordinator. It was nice to see him get a shot at head coach. Unfortunately, it did not work out, and he came home to Foxboro. Belichick would stick him back in his old role, like McDaniels. That is what should have happened.

Instead, Belichick decides to have him replace the man who kept the offensive line in shape. On top of it, he tasked him with calling plays! Mac thrived under McDaniels, eventually playing in the final Pro Bowl game. There is no reason to flip the switch to a new system. If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.

Week after week, fans watch the offensive pull teeth attempting to move the ball downfield. If it weren’t for Rhomandre Stevenson putting the team on his back, there would be riots outside Gillette Stadium. He has been the focal point in the offense, but franchises who center their offense around the running back hit their ceiling instantly. The offense becomes one-dimensional; players can start predicting the play before it happens.

The Patriots’ Offense Is Wicked Predictable

When the other team knows the play before you run it, it’s time to make some changes. CJ Mosely, Jets LInebacker, and Shaquille Leonard, Colts Linebacker, told the media they knew what play the Pats would run before the ball was snapped. When has anyone used the words predictable and Patriots in the same sentence?

Let's debunk the notion that it isn't a big deal that Leonard and Mosely seemed to know what was coming on certain plays vs the #Patriots offense. Been covering this team for 20+ years and not once was that ever something the players have voiced. Just another element to clean up. — Mike Giardi (@MikeGiardi) November 10, 2022

The drive starts with a run. Then another run. Third down strikes, Mac throws the ball; the defense had other plans. Guys like Kendrick Bourne, Jonnu Smith, and even Nelson Agholor thrived in trick-type plays on their former teams. Smith caught a lot of screen passes. Kendrick Bourne ran jet sweeps. WHY ARE WE NOT RUNNING THESE PLAYS, MATTHEW?

In a whopping statistic, 38% of the Patriots’ plays from scrimmage, excluding kneeldowns, were negative or zero-yardage plays. Furthermore, 65 of the 70 Patriots rushing yards were after contact. The offensive line is doing nothing in terms of creating plays for the offense.

I am at a loss for words. I don’t know if there is anything Patricia can do. Maybe he needs a change of scenery. 

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Patriots Need To Bump Patricia To The Coaches Box

It’s becoming more common for teams to have their offense and defensive coordinators sit in a skybox during the game. It gives them a broader view of the field. They see all 22 players and can make in-game adjustments with just a button push. Patricia stands on the sideline during games. Sometimes he can be seen standing pretty close to Belichick. Changes need to be made.

Imagine how much of a difference it would be for Patricia to be above the field and see things from a greater perspective. It allows him to work on his play-calling, but more importantly, it will teach him how to make adjustments on the fly. A coach could cook up the most incredible game plan in the world, but if he cannot adapt on the fly, he’s dead in the water. Patricia is treading water.

The Pats return from their BYE with another date against the Jets, who upset the Bills in Week 9. They need a dominant win. No, a close game does not give the fans a feeling of change. Patricia needs to put on the most remarkable performance of his career. If he doesn’t, it may be time to call Vegas.

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