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This NFL Star Is Running Into Hurdles

In the high-stakes world of the National Football League, running backs are often faced with critical decisions concerning their contracts. Negotiating for a big deal is a common practice for players seeking their market value. However, there are reasons for running backs need to honor their contracts and prove their worth on the field before seeking a more significant financial commitment. Let’s dive into the importance of playing through your contracts and the benefits it brings.

Upholding Professionalism & Integrity

By playing out their contracts, running backs demonstrate professionalism and integrity. Adhering to agreements reflects positively on players and the league. When athletes commit to playing through their contracts, they reinforce the notion of honoring their commitments, while promoting a culture of trust and respect among players, teams, and fans, which is the exact opposite of how Jonathon Taylor and my Indianapolis Colts are currently going about. I don’t agree with making those negotiations public, but they are.

Is He Healthy?

Now, we all know football is a physically demanding sport, and players can easily be subject to injury, especially those running backs who face frequent tackles and heavy physical contact by running straight through 6’5” 360-pound lineman and oncoming collisions with some of the hardest hitting athletes in the world, aka an NFL linebacker. When running backs can remain healthy and are performing well, they now can secure more lucrative deals. However, Jonathon Taylor is not healthy because he had ankle surgery this offseason on his right ankle. He hasn’t practiced yet because of that and a non-football back injury he may or may not have sustained in Arizona this offseason.

Jonathon Taylor has denied reports about the back injury, but still, he hasn’t practiced. The media is reporting that it’s as if he doesn’t want to be there and by the looks of him when he comes to practice he just walks around, not participating at all. In the book “Legacy, What the All Blacks Can Teach You About the Business of Life”, they talk about the players must have a sense of purpose, belonging, teamwork, and, most importantly, personal responsibility. He doesn’t want to play through his contract, he wants guaranteed money before he even gets back on the field. My advice would to be perform at all times and if you’re injured, you’re still part of the team, and always remember that you’re a part of something larger than yourself. My question is why? Why do you think you’re special? Why do you not have to play out your contract like the others before you?

To Tweet Or Not To Tweet

But this doesn’t start without Jim Irsay. Why did Jim Irsay need to say anything? It’s like he just wants to be heard. He wanted this to blow up. He wants the publicity. These tweets and comments by Irsay are what destroyed this relationship.

However, it doesn’t end there. We have another character who wants to be heard too. His name is Malki Kawa. Mr. Kawa was the agent for Shaquille Leonard. He made Leonard the highest-paid linebacker at the time with a five-year 98.5 million dollar contract back in 2021, but will he be able to make Taylor the highest-paid running back? If he plays this year and plays well, yes, I would pay him, but right now no.

As I’ve said before, Jonathon Taylor needs to play out his contract and show his worth. He needs to go out there and catch 85% of the balls thrown his way and still get 1500 rushing yards. Now, if he can do that, is he worth the 16.5 a year? Sure, but please play out the contract like the other running backs before you. NFL Star running back, Derrick Henry won Offensive Player of the Year on a franchise tag in 2020. That could still happen for Jonathon Taylor because he can be tagged twice after this year. Now, all he has to do is prove his worth like Derrick Henry did and he will get his money.

Playing through this contract will benefit not only himself, but also his teammates, coaches, and the front office. Upholding professionalism, showcasing consistency, and mitigating risks are all vital factors that contribute to a successful career. By honoring his agreement, he has a better chance of securing the lucrative contract he's looking for.


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