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This NBA Team Is About To Transform Their Whole Roster

The Toronto Raptors are still hanging on to a few of their core players from their 2018-19 championship run. However, this NBA season may be the time when the Raptors officially become sellers.

With head coach Nick Nurse signing with the 76ers, Fred VanVleet signing with the Rockets, and Kyle Lowry being traded a few seasons ago, these two vital stars may be on the NBA market.

Pascal Siakam

Pascal Siakam became a vital member of the Toronto Raptors during their Championship run. Siakam provided a large frame, great passing, and was a very reliable defender. Siakam was responsible for a lot of the elite defense Toronto played was a very vital member in the locker room and provided a good veteran leader.

Pascal Siakam has averaged over 20 points for the last few years now and it's clear that he is an official star in the NBA. However, Siakam is not a player who can be the number one option on a championship team. Pascal Siakam will generate at least two good young players and multiple first-round picks. the Raptors are not contenders, and now is an ideal time to trade him.

O.G. Anunoby

O.G. Anunoby truly broke out with the Raptors. O.G. is a top twenty defender in the entire NBA and provides great versatility. His frame combined with the ability to guard multiple positions makes him a fantastic name on the trade market.

Anunoby is also a terrific offensive threat. O.G. consistently averages numbers in the high teens and provides high-level defense along with a refined offensive game. Anunoby does not complain about his role and is a true professional.

The Future Of This NBA Team

The Raptors have two great players they can trade for a large haul. Scottie Barnes is the future for the Raptors, and it's time they start building around him.


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