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This NBA Superstars’ Best Two Landing Spots For 2023

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

The Wizards have tried numerous pairings over the last few years to become a contender for the NBA title, but it has not worked. First, the John Wall and Bradley Beal duo were limited due to Wall’s injuries.

Bradley Beal Needs A Partner In The NBA

They later tried Bradley Beal and Russell Westbrook. Both of these players achieved great individual success. Beal averaged 31 points per game, while Russell Westbrook broke the record for most triple-doubles. However, this pairing was knocked out in the first round.

Then the Wizards tried pairing good depth pieces with Beal. They traded Westbrook for a package centered around Kyle Kuzma and then traded Spencer Dinwiddie for Kristaps Porzingis. They have three good 20-point scorers but don’t have enough pieces to win a championship. The Wizards have hit their ceiling, and it may be time to trade their superstar Bradley Beal. Here are the best fits

Miami Heat

Beal is a career 23-point-per-game scorer, but he’s also a little undersized and can sometimes be a liability on defense. A team that trades for him should already have a number one option, an excellent defensive culture, and a team that is just looking for one more scoring piece. The Miami Heat are a top-ten defense, but they lack scoring options beyond their superstar Jimmy Butler.

The Heat rank at the bottom end in terms of scoring points per game, and they need one more star scorer who can consistently produce other than Jimmy Butler. A package centered around Tyler Herro, Duncan Robinson, another promising player, and picks should get the deal done.

The Heat gets their superstar to pair with Jimmy Butler, and a big three of Butler, Adebayo, and Beal would be a great scoring trio. Butler and Adebayo are great defenders and can cover up for Beal.

Brooklyn Nets

The Nets traded their superstar Kevin Durant earlier this season—a package centered around Mikal Bridges and Cameron Johnson. Bridges showed superstar potential as a number-one option averaging 26 points per game with elite defense. However, the Nets need one more elite scoring option. Bridges is a consistent 25-28 point per game scorer, but players like Spencer Dinwiddie, Joe Harris, and Cameron Johnson are all excellent role players, not stars.

Trading for Beal would give the Nets a perfect duo that could potentially be viable. The Nets likely won’t become championship contenders, but they could be a likely playoff team in a weak Eastern Conference. A package around Cam Johnson, Dinwiddie, and multiple first-round picks could be enough if the Wizards want to trade. However, there would be some teams who could offer more for the superstar.


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