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This Linebacker Would Be A Steal For Dolphins In The 2023 NFL Draft

When anyone thinks of the college career record for most tackles, many will think of Northwestern linebacker Tim McGarigle or Boston College linebacker Luke Kuechly. But that was until the 2022 season when Troy University linebacker Carlton Martial broke and set the new college career record with just 22 tackles short of 600 at 578 career tackles. He even had a career game against Army with nine tackles short of the single-game college record with 22. Enter the Miami Dolphins.

Linebacker Position Is A Need For Dolphins

One thing fans were screaming about during games in 2022 was if the Miami Dolphins knew how to tackle and Martial knew a thing or two about tackling. The linebacker position will undoubtedly be a need for the Dolphins going into the 2023 draft, and Martial would be a steal if selected.

Because of his small size, being listed as either 5’7″ in some places and 5’9″ in others, he was not invited to the NFL combine. If he makes an NFL roster, he would be the most undersized linebacker in the NFL, weighing only 210 pounds. But his small stature didn’t stop him from taking down players with the ball 578 times in his college career, which is the college record.

But the small size shouldn’t deter Martial playing in the NFL. Some of the better players are becoming smaller in size. Devonta Smith weighs only 170 pounds, and Devin Singletary barely weighs over 200 pounds at only 5’7″. Tyreek Hill is only 5’10”, weighing 185. Tua Tagovailoa and Kyler Murray are two of the shortest quarterbacks in the NFL, while the 2023 draft prospect and former Heisman winner Bryce Young isn’t even six foot or 200 pounds.

Martial Could Be A Good Choice For Dolphins

The dilemma right now with the Dolphins is that they don’t have a draft pick until selection 51 in round two. There may be more pressing needs for the Dolphins than taking a chance on an undersized linebacker, but if he is on the board, the risk is another team grabbing a potential star. But if a team doesn’t select him, he could be an outstanding undrafted free agent to snatch up as they did with Kader Kohou, who proved to be a very wise move for the Dolphins.

Martial could easily have more tackles than he has, but he didn’t play a full 12-game schedule during the shortened 2020 college Covid season. Nevertheless, Martial was named the Sun Belt Conference defensive player of the year for the 2022 season. Martial didn’t enter Troy with a college scholarship offer. Instead, he made his way to college stardom as a walk-on. If he doesn’t get drafted, he will have to prove he belongs again.

If the Miami Dolphins successfully can get Carlton Martial on their team during the draft cycle, then it would be a steal and a win for the team. One of the game elements the Dolphins need to work on is spying the quarterback, and if Martial can fit that role with added depth to the team, then he would probably be a perfect fit.



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