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This Jovial Cardinals Player Wants To Play For These Teams In 2023

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

Rumors speculate that DeAndre Hopkins wants a trade, not a pay raise, with the Arizona Cardinals. Hopkins either wants to join the Kansas City Chiefs or the Buffalo Bills. However, he can still land in Baltimore to be a Raven.

DeAndre Hopkins has been on the trade market for months. Despite the interest in other teams, the Arizona Cardinals have been unable to trade him.

Many believe that Hopkins would want too much. However, Hopkins stated that he doesn’t want a pay raise. He wants to play for another team.

His age nor his contract makes sense for many NFL lovers, but he’s still a top receiver. Which is the most logical move for the Cardinals and DeAndre?

DeAndre Hopkins knows how to use his body language to make a statement about where he may wanna head next 👀👀 @ATCoveredPod — CBS Sports (@CBSSports) April 16, 2023

D-Hop To The Kansas City Chiefs?

The Chiefs are a contender in DeAndre’s mind. The fans will love it if the Chiefs select a WR in the first round of this year’s upcoming NFL Draft.

Others would be happy if the veteran D-Hop lands with the Chiefs, who have been shopped around the Arizona Cardinals.

There are a few big reasons why that would be difficult, notably Hopkins’ 2023 salary cap hit of $30.75 million per ESPN. There’s a chance Hopkins could be cut by the Cardinals, which could open the door to the Chiefs signing him to a reworked contract.

But would Hopkins be open to being traded to the Chiefs?

In a recent video, he did a body language exercise where he gave visual clues about a potential trade, playing for four teams, including the Kansas City Chiefs.

He’d like to play for the Super Bowl LVII Champions.

Hopkins Lands With The Ravens?

According to “sources,” DeAndre can still play for the Baltimore Ravens because he’s not looking for a pay raise.

Also, the fact that Lamar Jackson told the Baltimore Ravens to sign Odell Beckham Jr, coming off a season-ending injury and missing a season, the Ravens went “all-in” with Beckham Jr, signing him to a one-year tenure worth up to $18 million.

Rumor has it that Lamar also told the front office to acquire DeAndre Hopkins before he and the team negotiated his future with the Baltimore Ravens.

“I was told reliably by somebody involved that Lamar told them in a conversation, ‘Get Hopkins and get Beckham, and then we can talk.’ The club went back to them and said look. We can’t get Hopkins and Beckham. We can’t afford both, but we’ll get one of them – and they got Beckham,” Lombardi said on his podcast, The Lombardi Line.

DeAndre Hopkins Potential Future With The Bills

DeAndre to the Bills makes no sense. However, he’s been in contact with Von Miller, LB, of the Bills. The star linebacker admitted that DeAndre wants to play for the team.

“I talk to Hop all the time, and it’s kind of like the same thing with OBJ,” Miller said via the Buffalo News.

Considering the pieces that the Buffalo Bills offense, it may be confusing what DeAndre Hopkins would contribute to the Bills’ offense, given that they have Stefon Diggs, Gabriel Davis, and Dawson Knox alongside Josh Allen, who are all key contributors in the offense.

Von Miller was a huge advocate for bringing Odell Beckham to the team, but since he’s no longer a FA, he’s advocating for D-Hop to join the Bills.

Hopkins wants to win. He wants to play with a team that’s not the Arizona Cardinals, but it doesn’t seem likely that the Cardinals would trade him because he gives the team value.

Hopkins remains on the Cardinals with just over a week until the 2023 NFL draft.


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