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This Is The WNBA's Golden Chance To Be Mainstream

The WNBA draft concluded the other night and this class has the potential to make the WNBA mainstream

The Rise Of Women's Basketball

For years women's basketball has never been taken seriously. WNBA players have always been fighting for higher pay. Unfortunately, people do not watch women's basketball. That is until last year's NCAA championship game between LSU and Iowa. That game had a total of 9.9 million viewers. The battle between Iowa's guard Caitlin Clark and LUS's center Angel Reese was must-see. They were going back and forth taunting each other and in the end, LSU won the championship.

A Star Is Born

After the championship game in 2023, eyes were set on both Iowa and LSU, but mainly Iowa. Going into the 2023-24 season, Caitlin Clark made a dramatic leap in popularity. Angel Reese was still popular, but Clark was gaining more traction with how good she was playing. Clark averaged 31.6 points, 7.4 rebounds, 8.9 assists, and 1.7 steals shooting 45.5% from the field on 22.7 attempts and 37.8% from three on 13.6 attempts.

Clark was making headlines throughout the season due to her game resembling Stephen Curry. The way she would easily score the basketball was bringing eyes to women's college basketball. When March Madness arrived eyes were set on different teams. some teams included South Carolina, LSU, UCONN, and Iowa. These games were watched by millions of people.

How Does This Help The WNBA?

With these mainstream players being drafted the other night; Caitlin Clark (1st), Kamilla Cardoso (3rd), and Angel Reese (7th), the WNBA has the opportunity to become a mainstream league. For the first time, the WNBA can make headlines for something positive. Clark's popularity is already being shown. On the sports store Fanatics, her Indiana Fever jersey has already been sold out.


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