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This Is By Far The Worst Starting Quarterback In The NFL

Week one was filled with exciting moments, chaotic games, and some really (and I mean really) lousy quarterback performances. None worse than Ryan Tannehill's against the New Orleans Saints.

The defense seemed to play great against an offense with some real weapons. Despite not having Alvin Kamara due to suspension, Chris Olave and Michael Thomas are no joke. They covered well, made Derek Carr uncomfortable, and kept the game within reach. The Titan's offense did not hold up their end of the bargain and never showed any fight.

Ryan Tannehill Against The Saints

Tannehill was 16-34 for 198 yards and three interceptions in one of the ugliest NFL games I've seen in a long time. Dennis Allen consistently calls strong defensive games and has a unit that can frustrate a quarterback, but that's not what happened. Tannehill had time to throw on many occasions and missed opportunities to hit open guys. Not to mention, all of his interceptions were high school-level mistakes.

There was no explosiveness to their offense outside of some Derrick Henry plays, and it wasn't the offensive coordinator's fault. Multiple missed chances should have Titans fans shouting for the rookie Will Levis. It can't get much worse than what Tannehill put out on Sunday.

The NFL Isn't Afraid Of Tannehill

Deandre Hopkins was the addition of the off-season. Hopkins was treated like the best thing since sliced bread in Tennessee when head coach Mike Vrabel did whatever he could to get him to sign. He chose the Titans, and boy, is he rethinking that decision today—just a tough day for Titans fans who saw this as an easily winnable game. Derek Carr and the Saints played far from perfect, but Tannehill was the real reason for the loss.


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