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This Impenetrable NBA Dynasty Has Officially Lost Itself

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

The Warriors shocked everyone in 2021-2022 and won another championship, which continued their dynasty. However, their dynasty has now officially ended.

The Warriors have been an extremely inconsistent team this season, so they have slipped to the seventh seed. Steph Curry has not aged one bit, and after a tough start to the season, Klay Thompson has got his rhythm back and now shoots 40% from three averaging 22 points. Despite this, the rest of the team has been very underwhelming.

Road Struggles

To be an elite team, you must maintain the same level of play on the road as you do at home. Unfortunately, the Warriors haven’t been able to do that; they have become the worst road team in the NBA. The Warriors have a record of 6-29 on the road. The Warriors are currently the seventh seed, meaning if they want to make a final run unless they can get up to a top-four seed, they will not have a homecourt advantage through the playoffs.

The Warriors always had a homecourt advantage during their dynasty. From how the Warriors have played on the road, they seem unlikely to beat a team without a homecourt advantage.

The best teams on the road are the Bucks, Celtics, 76ers, and Kings. All of these teams have played like championship contenders this year. The Warriors will need to be better on the road to compete for a championship.

Inconsistent Depth

As mentioned, Steph Curry is still playing at a high-level, averaging 30 points per game on 50/40/90 shooting splits. Klay Thompson is still averaging 40% from the three-point range. Steph is playing better than he did during the dynasty. Both Steph and Klay have been excellent this year. However, the problem is that the supporting pieces have been highly inconsistent.

Jordan Poole showed lots of promise from last year, averaging 19 points on 36% from three and 45% from the field. That stretch of play from Jordan Poole got him a four-year deal worth 128 million. This year, Poole averages 20 points per game on 33% from three and 42% from the field. Unfortunately, Poole has had an inconsistent year, and he didn’t take the leap the Warriors expected when they gave him that contract.

Donte DiVincenzo has also been inconsistent for the year. He has averaged 9 points per game on 40% from three. A very valued asset the Warriors have is Jonathan Kuminga. Kuminga was expected to take a giant leap this year, but hasn’t gotten enough opportunity. Steph and Klay have been great, but the role players haven’t stepped up when needed, which is a big reason why the Warriors are the seventh seed.

While the Warriors have championship experience, a proven dynasty, and have proved that you cannot doubt them, they have looked highly underwhelming this year. Andrew Wiggin’s return seems very doubtful, which is a massive loss for them. Overall, it seems like the Warriors dynasty might finally be over.


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