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This Historic Baseball Moment Puts Fans In Uncomfortable Situation

On Wednesday night, the world of baseball witnessed the 24th perfect game thrown in the history of Major League Baseball. New York Yankees starting pitcher Domingo German would face 27 Oakland Athletics, and none would reach base.

Throwing a perfect game is one of the hardest things anybody can do in sports, and that is why we have only seen 24 of them thrown at the MLB level.

Watching a perfect game either on television or in person is an absolute treat, and when there is a notification that someone has taken a perfect game, into the late innings baseball fans will rush over to their television and turn on the action to hopefully witness history.

We have not seen a perfect game since August 12th, 2012 when Seattle Mariners pitcher Felix Hernandez sent down 27 straight against the Tampa Bay Rays.

It has been almost 11 years since anyone has been able to witness a perfect game, and on Wednesday the Yankees and baseball fans could finally see that eleven-year drought come to an end.

German's Troubled Past

The only issue with this perfect game was the man who threw it. Domingo German might have thrown a perfect game but is far from perfect in a lot of other ways. Nobody is close to being perfect, but German has had some horrible events in his life that are very hard to stomach.

German ended up getting an 81-game suspension from baseball which is the most games ever for a domestic violence case.

This story has to and always will be brought up when you hear German's name. We all have done stupid crap in our lives, and many athletes have done things that they regret, but beating the crap out of your girlfriend is not just one of those things that we are going to forgive and forget about.

German made a disgusting act, and it will always be part of his story when his name is brought up for anything many people will most likely bring up the abuse over the perfect game.

German is not someone you would want to even root for to throw a perfect game, but we don't have control over this and sadly he had a great baseball moment.

How Should This Baseball Moment Be Celebrated?

Yankee and baseball fans were put into a very uncomfortable situation of how they should go about celebrating the perfect game.

Perfect games should be celebrated, and every single Yankee fan should be celebrating the game. The fans have no control over who plays for their teams, and you just don't stop being a fan of your team because they employ somebody you don't like.

Look up and down rosters of all pro sports teams, and you will see a handful of players who have committed terrible acts just like German. Every sports fan has once rooted for somebody on their team that has not been a great person, and it's not because they want to see the player succeed but because they want to see the team they love to do well.

Just because fans were celebrating the perfect game doesn't mean they are fans of German and are okay with what he did. They are fans of the Yankees, and they want to see the Yankees throw a perfect game. It's what is on the front of the jersey and not the back of the jersey.

Of course, a perfect game is all about the pitcher, but he has many teammates that helped him get to perfection. Think about someone like first baseman Anthony Rizzo. He is one of the greatest humans in the sport, and he should be celebrated for being part of helping German throw a perfect game.

Look up and down the Yankees roster, and you will see a bunch of great people that deserve to be celebrated. It sucks that someone like German had this great moment, but it shouldn't take away from the fans and the players on the team, who are great people.


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