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This Four-Time Vikings Pro Bowler Is Drawing Bold Trade Interest

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

The Vikings’ Dalvin Cook, could be on the chopping block. Various teams are interested in him.

Rumors about the six-year talent are spiraling about the trade. Dalvin Cook is a physical back that can quickly burst through the hole. His feet and hips makes him a dynamic RB. However, Cook’s efficiency is declining. He hasn’t had double-digit touchdowns in back-to-back seasons.

The running back can either land with one of the five teams, the Chicago Bears, Buffalo Bills, Denver Broncos, Miami Dolphins, and Detroit Lions.

Vikings Trade To Bills For Draft Picks

The Bills need a powerhouse who can run through tackles to pick up first downs. You can’t go wrong with Dalvin Cook. If Buffalo decides to go all-in on Dalvin, he’d be joining his brother James Cook who finally came alive at the end of the 2022-2023 football season.

The Bills need help in the backfield so that James Cook can be effective. Their run game hasn’t been the strongest in recent years, but the Bills want to run more. If the Vikings cut or trade Cook before June 1, they would save roughly $8 million in cap space.

The Vikings run game was far from the focal point of their offense last season. Moreover, it could be the focal point for the Bills this upcoming season with the help of Dalvin. With the threat of Josh Allen’s run ability, the Cook brothers would be hard for defenses to cease. The trio would consist of a powerhouse runner who can break through tackles partnered with speed and a QB who can move bullrush defensive backs quickly. It seems like an excellent place for Dalvin to land.

The only issue is Dalvin’s contract. He may not agree to reconstruct his contract with the Vikings. He’s only on the third year of their five-year deal.

If the trade happens, the Bills will get Dalvin Cook, RB, pick 87 and pick 119 in this year’s draft. The Vikings would receive pick 139 (2023) and a 2024 second-round selection.


The Bears could be an excellent fit for the six-year veteran. Chicago came into the off-season unsure of what moves to make, but the RB slot is noticeably a focal point. The Bears decided to wait to apply the franchise tag on their star running back, David Montgomery, before the deadline. However, they extended Khari Blasingame for two years. Although Blasingame had no carries last year, the Bears still have Khalil Herbert, who’s young (24).

A veteran like Dalvin Cook would be an excellent fit for the Bears. Herbert would be able to learn from Cook, and the two could be a solid duo together. Chicago is a run-first offense. It’s always been their identity. If Cook signs, the team can ride the wheels of Cook, who averages 4.7 yards per attempt throughout his career.

Justin Fields and Dalvin Cook would be extraordinary together. The two could easily do counter keep options to trick defenses next season. Fields led the league in rush yards (1,143) as a QB. Cook has no problem getting 1,000 yards. He averaged well over 1,000 in his last four seasons.

If Chicago has a chance at getting Cook, he’ll help the Bears turn their offensive woes into offensive wins.


I know the Broncos have a star running back in Javonte Williams, but Javonte could still be nursing a knee injury. If Denver is secretly nervous about the status of his health, then grab Dalvin to add some security.

The Broncos desperately need a run game. Broncos GM George Paton is familiar with Dalvin Cook since being an ex-member of the Vikings front office. He could go “all-in” and get his guy.

They must clear up some cap space to go all in on Cook. Russell Wilson got a seven-year deal worth $296 million before the 2022 season. The team is $9.7 million over the cap space salary. So be it if the group decides to move pieces around and trade draft picks to acquire Dalvin.


The Dolphins are skating on thin ice. The team doesn’t have a tailback under contract for next season. Jeff Wilson Jr. and Raheem Mostert shared carries last year, tallying 1,300 yards on the ground, which is quite impressive. However, both are unrestricted free agents. The Dolphins created approximately $14 million in cap space by restructuring Bradley Chubb’s contract.

The Dolphins have a talented group of pass catchers, and adding a dual-threat like Dalvin Cook would take this team in the right direction, especially in a tough conference. Dalvin can catch the ball in the backfield and always knows where to run with his vision.

The Dolphins would be an excellent fit for Cook, and it’s leaning like the Chubb restructured contract is leaning toward Miami’s favor to get Cook potentially. His cap hits just above $14 million, and he doesn’t want to take a pay cut with the Vikings.


The Detroit Lions have over $23 million to spend in the salary cap and still have D’Andre Swift, RB returning, but will be losing Jamaal Williams, who was seemingly a touchdown maniac last season. Having both Cook and Swift could make them one of the best one-two punches in the league.

Cook landing here would be great for Detroit because the team has to focus on rebuilding their atrocious defense in this upcoming draft. Detroit needs a tailback due to Swift’s injuries, which is a high risk of possibly injuring himself in the 2023 season. According to draft sharks, Swift has an (88 percent) chance to miss at least two quarters and an (11.7 percent) chance of injury per game.

Detroit has the potential to be a playoff contention team next year. Their offense is sneaky good, Cook would add much more depth to the chart, and he wouldn’t have to come off the field much.

For more trade rumors on Dalvin Cook, tune into Stadium Rant for updates.

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