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This Former Super Bowl Champion Continues To Be Denied NFL's Hall Of Fame

I want to start by congratulating the players who made it to the list, especially Dwight Freeney, the former Super Bowl Champion with my favorite team the Indianapolis Colts. I'll even congratulate those who probably should not have been on the list, but due to politics and favoritism, the NFL continues to leave Reggie Wayne out of the NFL.

Take A Look At The Numbers

After analyzing, I found out that the average Hall of Fame wide receiver has 742 receptions, 11,347 receiving yards, and 86 touchdowns. On the other hand, Reggie Wayne has 1,070 receptions, 14,345 receiving yards, and 82 touchdowns, which means he is above average in two out of three categories and very close to the average in the third.

It is clear that Reggie Wayne deserves to be in the Hall of Fame, but the NFL has not recognized his achievements. I think it is a disgrace to have Devin Hester and Andre Johnson inducted before Reggie Wayne. Specifically, Andre Johnson had 1,062 receptions, 14,185 receiving yards, and only 70 touchdowns, which is not better than Reggie Wayne's stats. Despite this, Johnson was inducted into the Hall of Fame, while Reggie Wayne was not.

Reggie Wayne has been nominated before, and he will likely be nominated again. However, he is a must-inductee next year. It's not fair to have players who are not as good as him in the running. For instance, James Lofton played more games than Wayne but only had 764 receptions, 14,004 receiving yards, and 75 touchdowns. Wayne surpasses him in all three categories.

Reggie Wayne also surpasses Andre Reed in two out of three categories. Reed played more games than Wayne but only has 951 receptions, 13,198 receiving yards, and 87 touchdowns. It's like the NFL has a personal vendetta against the Indianapolis Colts for some reason.

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