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This Bucks Free Agent Could Derail Their Championship Hopes In 2024

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

The Bucks entered the playoffs as the number one seed, and many expected them to make and win the finals. However, the Bucks were upset by the eight-seed Miami Heat. Brook Lopez was a crucial part of the Bucks’ success in their championship run, and this season. He is currently a free agent. With Giannis being on a supermax and Jrue Holiday being on a max, there is a chance he departs.

Bucks Lose A Foundational Player

While Brook Lopez isn’t a star that is going to win you a championship, he is a terrific role player who is the foundation of an elite defense. Lopez had a career year at age 35 for the Bucks, averaging 16 points with seven rebounds and 2.5 blocks per game. Lopez has a 7’1 frame and he anchors a defense. Lopez is an all-defensive player and even had the potential to get defensive player of the year this season.

Milwaukee is paying Giannis $45 million a year, they will likely look to retain Khris Middleton and Jrue Holiday is on a max contract. If Brook Lopez is looking for another good contract, Milwaukee wouldn’t be his best option.

Brook anchored the defense of the Milwaukee Bucks, and he provides such a dominant defensive paint presence it takes the pressure off the perimeter guards. He has evolved his game a lot and now shoots 37% from three. Lopez was a key rotation piece and he will likely have a strong market despite him being 35.

Potential Fits

Two potential good fits would be in the Western Conference where he has not played since 2017.

Dallas Mavericks

The Mavericks went all out and traded for Kyrie Irving during the season, the Mavs then fell from the fourth seed to out of the playoffs. Offensively, Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving showed a lot of potential, but they lack adequate defensive pieces around them.

Luka thrived in the pick and roll. With the amount of defensive attention Luka generates getting a good lob threat would be a huge boost for the Mavericks. Lopez is 7’1 and has a reliable rim presence. Defensively, he would take some pressure off of the perimeter guards and Kyrie and Luka. Lopez would help elevate the offense and defense for the Mavs.

Golden State Warriors

The Warriors have lacked a true big for many years now. Kevon Looney has fit in well once in a while providing a big body to crash the boards. However, Brook Lopez would be a massive upgrade and fit like a charm with Golden State.

The problem the Warriors are having is when they play Kevon Looney they aren’t able to play Draymond Green too, because both of them lack a consistent scoring ability. Lopez coming off averaging 16 points per game is extremely skilled as a scorer.

He would provide a big rim presence the Warriors need. Lopez shoots 37% from three and with the Warriors he would get great looks. Lopez would be a nice addition to for the Warriors to have.


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