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This Big NBA Player’s Legacy Is On The Line This Playoffs

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

James Harden has had a terrific career so far, but he hasn’t been able to win a championship

The 76ers have built one of the NBA’s best rosters around Joel Embiid and James Harden. They have a good complementary third option in Tyrese Maxey who is averaging 21 points per game this season. They’ve surrounded them with good shooters in P.J. Tucker and Deanthony Melton, and have Tobias Harris who can once in a while be a very key piece. With all of these players, the 76ers have a chance to win the championship. This year can define James Harden’s legacy.

James Harden Lacks NBA Playoff Success

James Harden is one of the greatest players to never win a ring. Whether it was due to his production lowering in the playoffs or the Warriors’ unstoppable dynasty, the stars have never aligned for Harden. Harden has averaged 23 points throughout his playoff career along with 42% from the field and 33% from three.

Harden hasn’t necessarily been a playoff failure, but he has had shortcomings where he hasn’t delivered when he was needed to. Harden has had years where he averaged over 30, but his dominant iso playstyle never resulted in championships. Harden had his best opportunity to win an NBA championship with Chris Paul, and they took a lead on the Warriors in 2018. However, Chris Paul got injured in that playoff series and the Warriors were able to come back.

Between 2016-2019 Harden averaged between 29-34 points per game. He has been one of the historically good scorers in the NBA and he’s also won an MVP. He has had all the success in the regular season. The Rockets tried to pair Chris Paul with James Harden but they couldn’t make the finals. The Rockets tried pairing Russell Westbrook and James Harden but that didn’t work either.

After the 2020 season when it was clear they couldn’t win a championship. James Harden requested a trade from the Rockets and he was later traded to the Rockets.

Since then James Harden was traded to the Nets creating an NBA super team. this was when he became a true playmaker and adapted his playstyle averaging ten assists with the Nets. Harden recognized that it was very difficult to win an NBA championship with three ball-dominant players, so he’s adapted very well.

Unfortunately, Harden got injured in the second round against the Bucks and wasn’t able to win an NBA championship. James Harden was traded a year later to the 76ers.

In 2023, this is Harden’s best opportunity to win a championship, and his legacy has been questioned due to not winning a championship. James Harden has the potential to be established as a close to the top ten players ever with a championship and cement his legacy.


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