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This BEAST Was Made to Play NFL Football

Some men were just born to play football. Whether that be through pedigree, genetics, or raw athleticism, some guys seem like they were just built in a lab. Georgia's Amarius Mims is the focal point of today’s prospect profile, and he fits that description quite well.

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Amarius Mims brings incredible athleticism and size to the table at the tackle position. It’s not often you see a prospect as well proportioned at 6’8, 340 pounds, with insane 36 ⅛ inch arms and mammoth 11 ¼ inch hands. Regarding raw, untapped talent from the tackle position, I would say Mims has the highest ceiling in the class based on raw potential. On top of that, Mims has some incredible functional play strength that makes his hands on blocking reps look effortless.

As a pass blocker, Mims has a surprisingly high motor for someone of his size. Mims has surprising foot speed and quickness, exploding out of his stance and meeting edge defenders at the apex of their rush to take the momentum out of their set quickly. Mims’ lateral agility is outstanding; he can mirror pass rushers with little wasted movements. Mims is skilled in shutting down inside and outside rushing lanes. Due to his massive size and strides, it’s scarce that Mims oversets on pass-blocking snaps, which shuts down inside counter rushes if the edge rusher tries to set up his outside shoulder. 

Now, in the run game, Mims admittedly is not as good of a blocker, yet, that is. Mims does well in the run game by overpowering his assignment; he uses his big body and length to press and shield defenders away from the ball on down blocks, showing great hand strength to latch onto opponents once he’s inside their frame. He is also an asset on the move on screens and as a lead-blocker with very good quickness to eviscerate second-level threats.


Now, Amarius Mims, just like every draft prospect, comes with his fair share of weaknesses and areas he has to improve upon. The first and the most glaring is Mims’ lack of playing experience. In his colligate career, Amarius Mims amassed just eight starts, while appearing in another 21, while not playing significant snaps in those games.

This is viewed as a double-edged sword. This leaves a ton of untapped potential for NFL Coaches to take advantage of. On the other hand, Mims lacks some real experience and comes with some doubts about his long-term ability to stay healthy.

In terms of overall blocking, my concerns with Mims are purely on the run-blocking side of the ball. Mims can improve on running his feet when engaging defenders as a run blocker. He will battle to a stalemate and stop his feet completely.

Against high-motor NFL defenders, this can cause issues with extended plays. Mims relies on punches and two-handed swipes in pass protection. I need to see a more nuanced approach and maybe a more bottomless bag for using his hands. Hopefully, he will grow with more playing time. He needs to alternate his punches based on the leveraging and positioning of the defender. Mims needs to use his raw power more; you would be hard-pressed to find defenders with the strength to overpower him. 


When discussing a scheme fit for Amarius Mims, I would say Mims fits almost perfectly in zone-blocking schemes, where his agility and movement skills can be maximized. His versatility also allows him to potentially excel in various offensive line positions, including both left and right tackle, making him a valuable asset for teams seeking flexibility along their offensive front.


Here are five teams that I think could look to draft Amarius Mims in the 2024 NFL Draft:

Las Vegas Raiders

The Raiders need a new starting Right tackle, where Mims made all his collegiate starts. Pick 13 might be high, but the Raiders have banked off potential before. 

Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals hopefully put a temporary end to the quest to protect Joe Burrow, as Mims would slot in perfectly for the free agent Jonah Williams. 

Los Angeles Rams

The Rams have heavily invested in the offensive line over the past two off-seasons. Mims would be the final piece to an arguable top 10 Offensive line. 

Pittsburgh Steelers

We know that the Steelers like their Georgia Bulldogs. Mims would fill a massive hole on the Steelers line, no pun intended. 

Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys' offensive line has been decimated through free agency, and they need a new franchise left tackle, where Mims can also play.  


My pro comparison for Amarius Mims is Tyron Smith. I know this is super high praise, but Mims’ sheer dominance as a pass blocker and physical dominance of his opposition is almost a mirror comparison. Mims arguably has the highest ceiling of any offensive tackle in the entire class, with so much room to grow, especially as a run blocker. The athleticism, size, dominance, and physical strengths remind me of Smith.  


Overall, Amarius Mims is incredibly physically gifted and skilled as a player with little playing experience. There is a ton of room for him to grow, not only in his body but also in his potential as a franchise-caliber cornerstone. As I mentioned before, I believe Mims has the highest ceiling of any tackle in the draft class, which is why I believe he will be a Top 25 pick in the 2024 NFL Draft. 

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