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Things Just Got Interesting For The Steelers

The Steelers have made their move. In the closing hours of Sunday night, the news broke that Russell Wilson would be heading to Pittsburgh on a one-year deal for the league minimum according to Adam Schefter. The Steelers General Manager Omar Khan went out and got that competition for Kenny Pickett that Head Coach Mike Tomlin talked about at his end-of-season press conference. The drama in Latrobe should be at an all-time high. 

Training Camp Competition

With the signing of Wilson, the chance of Mason Rudolph returning to Pittsburgh seems to be unlikely. The guy who willed the Steelers into a playoff spot last season will now get a chance to show another team what he can do. This also opens the door for the Steelers to spend a mid to late-round draft pick on a Quarterback like Joe Milton or Jordan Travis, someone who could learn from Wilson along with Pickett. 

This also gives Steelers fans a very interesting quarterback competition at Training Camp in Latrobe. Russell Wilson vs. Kenny Pickett in the thick heat of Western Pennsylvania. It feels like a competition that Wilson should win. Russell Wilson posted 26 passing touchdowns last season, more than the Steelers have had in the last two seasons combined. Wilson was on a Broncos team with lackluster weaponry. Now he gets a chance to try out some shiny new toys like George Pickens and Diontae Johnson.  

What did the Seahawks have when they were making those Super Bowl runs with Wilson? A good offensive line, a good run game, and a good defense. The Steelers have the run game and the defense, this offseason will play a huge part in the offensive line department. 

What Are The Steelers Getting? 

The Steelers just added a 35-year-old who has won a Super Bowl and appeared in nine Pro Bowls. He also becomes the second player on the current roster to have won Walter Payton Man of the Year along with Cam Heyward. Where’s JJ Watt to make it three? 

Last season, Wilson posted a 66.4% completion rate with only eight interceptions to his 26 passing touchdowns. He threw for a whole 1,000 yards more than Pickett with 3,070 yards. Wilson averaged 204.7 yards per game to Pickett’s 172.5 yards per game. Wilson had four game-winning drives to Pickett’s three. If Pickett wants to remain the starter of the Pittsburgh Steelers, he has his work cut out for him. 

It’s an almost risk-free move for the Steelers to bring Wilson to town. He’s on league minimum salary while the Broncos pay the 38 million dollar bill. If he’s not good, you can bench him and move forward with Pickett without losing too much. With the Steelers defense aging, they're in win-now mode.

Wilson is also in the win-now mode portion of his career, he even told Brandon Marshall a few weeks ago that he wants to win two more Super Bowls before he retires. Do that in Pittsburgh and you’re a legend forever, Mr. Unlimited.


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