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These Weapons Could Find New Homes At NFL Trade Deadline

With player movement at an all-time high, the trade deadline was hectic in the NFL last year. Is this going to be a new trend? Will more teams be making last-ditch offers to try and acquire a playmaker to change the trajectory of their season hopefully? Those teams might be in luck because some wide receivers could be on the trading block.

Mike Evans

Unable to come to a contract agreement with the Buccaneers before the season, Mike Evans could be on the move if he wants out, and many people would be on the phone for him in an instant. Evans has been Mr. Consistent since arriving in the NFL. Nine straight 1,000+ receiving yard seasons. Every single year he has been in the league he’s posted 1,000+. One would imagine that Evans doesn’t have any interest in being in a rebuilding situation, so you would think a contender would be in search of his services. The Kansas City Chiefs could be an intriguing match for Evans. What receiver doesn’t dream of playing with Patrick Mahomes? Other suitors could be teams like the New York Jets or Baltimore Ravens.

Jerry Jeudy

With the Broncos in full-on self-destruct mode to start the Sean Payton era, they could be looking to blow it up and get Russell Wilson new weapons entirely. Jerry Jeudy and Courtland Sutton have seen their name in trade rumors for a while now, and the time could be coming for one of them to get out of Denver.

The Carolina Panthers have expressed interest in trading for a receiver for Bryce Young. The Panthers don’t feel like a team that will ever be a destination for a receiver of Mike Evans or Davante Adams caliber, but it could be a perfect spot for Jeudy to hit a reset on his career. At 24 years old he is currently in his fourth season with the Denver Broncos and hasn’t been able to put up anything crazy. He saw his best season last year and still came up short of 1,000 yards, posting 67 receptions on 100 targets for 972 yards and six touchdowns. He needs a fresh start.

Davante Adams

A guy who could almost completely revamp an offense, Davante Adams could be looking to get out of Las Vegas if winning is on his mind as we get later in his great career. Adams has been a top-three receiver in football for the better half of five years now and hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down yet. He’s got gas in the tank and could be very valuable if he decides he wants out at the deadline.

Finding a contending team to take his contract could be a problem, so it is tough to imagine a team like the Chiefs could make a play. But in today’s NFL, the salary cap doesn’t even seem real so who knows? A team like the New England Patriots could be a team that calls about Adams in a last-ditch effort to save a struggling Mac Jones.

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