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These Three Players Are Leading The 2023 MVP Race

What is the MVP award? 

The Most Valuable Player in the NFL is perhaps the most prestigious individual accolade a player can be bestowed. It can define a career, a Hall Of Fame bid, and even be a predominant memory of a season. 

Unfortunately for most NFL players, the award has become an almost default quarterback award. It often is bestowed upon the signal caller of a dominant team, with the passer that boasts the gaudiest numbers. 

By its true definitions, the MVP going to quarterbacks disproportionately makes a lot of sense. They are the most important position on the field, and generally, their success or failure are usually the factors with the largest weight towards a team's performance. 

Tyreek Hill - Miami Dolphins, WR - 1st Place MVP.

The 2023 NFL season has been defined by the brilliance of Tyreek Hill. 

He has been the catalyst for a historically explosive Miami Dolphins offense and stretches the field in a way that no other player can. He began the season emphatically, racking up 215 receiving yards and two touchdowns. 

Hill is now knocking on the door for the single-season receiving yards record. If he makes it, he will surely be a shoo-in for the MVP award. But even if he doesn't, the NFL voters should still acknowledge his stamp on a season that has not had an absolute standout signal caller. Hill's impact on the Dolphins, as well as 1,542 receiving yards in just 14 games, is enough of a statement for the Most Valuable Player in the NFL. 

The case is made. If the season ended today, Tyreek Hill would be the 2023 NFL MVP. 

Dak Prescott - Dallas Cowboys, QB - 2nd Place MVP. 

If the season ended today, Tyreek Hill would likely pull away with this season's MVP. 

The gap is not large, and four weeks remaining is plenty of time. Dak Prescott is bearing down on the MVP award, after a sensational stretch over the last month. In that stretch, the Cowboys quarterback has 1,090 passing yards, 11 touchdowns, and no interceptions. 

If Prescott can continue this pace, the MVP award is all but his. He has the opportunity to lead the Dallas Cowboys to the 1st place seed in the NFC, which would surely galvanize his case. It is truly right within reach after he led his team to an emphatic dismantling of the defending NFC champions and divisional rival Philadelphia Eagles. 

Prescott has a PFF passing grade of 91.0, and already has 3,505 yards through the air and 30 total touchdowns. If that is not an MVP season through 14 weeks, I am not quite sure what is. 

Jalen Hurts - Philadelphia Eagles, QB - 3rd Place MVP. 

This was a close one. 

There was exceptionally strong consideration for the Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson and the San Fransisco 49ers QB Brock Purdy. If decided on recent form, both of them would comfortably get the nod over Jalen Hurts and the struggling Philadelphia Eagles. 

But the value of Jalen Hurts is undeniable. 

The 2020 second-round selection has had 31 total touchdowns, 3,192 yards and 52 rushing first downs. Hurts has fought through injury throughout the season, and although his efficiency and aggressiveness on the ground have suffered, he has still managed to rack up 460 rushing yards. 

Hurts has a terrific PFF passer rating of 82.9 and truly carried his team through tough stretches at times. His prowess as a rusher in short-yardage situations, with the contentious Brotherly Shove, has been demoralizing for Philadelphia's opponents.

If Hurts can regain his midseason form, he will have a legitimate shot at winning his first NFL MVP. 


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