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These NFL Team’s Gigantic Advantage Will Shape The 2023 Draft

The Seahawks, the Lions, and the Eagles all have two first-round picks. This could cause them to shake things up as well. However, this is a time in the NFL when anything can happen, and these things could be eye-opening. If you want to check out the full results of my PFF mock click here.

Lions Trade Up But Not For A QB

Imagine if they send the sixth overall pick and pick 55 and a 2024 third to the Cardinals for pick three. With that selection, they add Will Anderson Jr to play on the same line as Aiden Hutchison. Detriot fans should be salivating at this idea. Aiden & Anderson highlighted stacked classes and were both named CFB’s most dominant player.

Playing Will the point of attack puts all the attention on him, letting Anderson settle in and get to work on the weak side. As a result, this could become the league’s scariest pass-rush combo before the trade deadline.

Dan Campbell Adds Bijan

Why would he do this when Swift & Monty are both on the roster? Because Swift isn’t this coaching staff’s guy, Monty has mileage and injury history. Bijan can be used in almost every aspect of the field; with St Brown and Jamo, it is an elite room that is rather deep. Surrounding Goff with these pieces could allow them to take the division.

Secondary Improvements

The Lions had one of the worst scoring defenses in the NFL, but after this draft, they should have some significant pieces to play with. Adding an intelligent and strong player like Jordan Battle (Safety, Alabama) and Garrett Williams, who has mirror skills that you can’t teach Jeff Okudah, should be able to help Aiden & Anderson out a lot. Detriot could be a menace.

Seahawks Wheel & Deal Add Another Stacked Class

To start the draft, the Seahawks trade back to the Raiders, who need a future starter; they send seven and 38 for the fifth overall.

A Dynamic Front Seven Player

Tyree Wilson could be the most dangerous prospect in the draft with his wingspan and frame; he could be the next Jason Pierre Paul, who just dominated in the NFL. Imagine that secondary with that type of pressure; it could be the reinvention that Pete Carroll is looking for. Jamal Adams will hopefully be healthy, and that’s two premier playmakers to a defense that played admirably well understaffed.

Another Trade Back 20 To 27

Buffalo came calling with picks 27 and 59, and the board had enough players that one would fall to 27 I was happy with. Selecting Michael Mayer with the 27th pick could be precisely what the Seattle offense needs.

It has two elite receivers, but all the attention can be placed on the outside and over the top; Mayer could bring that inside and underneath game into the mix. Seattle hasn’t had a good tight end since Jimmy Gramham at the end of his career. Let’s give them a real threat. As the fourth option, he would have some time to develop.

Four Second-Round Picks

Two picks back to back for the second year in a row, last year they added Kenneth Walker and Boye Mafe, who both were products for the team; this year, it will be Emmanual Forbes (CB Mississippi State) & Jack Campbell (Linebacker Iowa) Forbes is the perfect counter to Tariq Woolen as he is smaller and more fluid on the inside. Jack Campbell is a monster with the speed to be on the field for every down.

Then a pair of offensive pieces for in the 50s, Luke Wypler (Center Ohio State), who can also play guard or swing tackle in a pinch. At 59, adding a young running back like Zach Charbonnet to give Walker some insurance is a brilliant idea; both players are explosive and can grind games out, so they won’t be as much lost when Walker isn’t on the field.

After 63 picks, the Seahawks will have added: Tyree Wilson, Michal Mayer, Emmanuel Forbes, Jack Campbell, Luke Wypler, & Zach Charbonnet. That sounds like a team that could win the NFC West to me.

Classic Eagles First Round

Hitting the trenches with both picks, Lukas Van Ness could be the most productive player in the draft if he played at a full-time snap rate, but that is why he would be perfect for the Eagles because he was so good in rotations. He should be able to stay fresh and impact games right from the start.

Then at pick 30, they get the best guard in the draft in O’Cyrus Torrence; this is in direct reaction to their strength not being enough to win the Super Bowl; adding more elite talent to these groups very well could be the thing that pushes them over the edge.

Adding Youth To The Secondary

In this scenario, the Eagles go with Eli Ricks at 62 and Christopher Smith at 94. Selecting two defenders from Alabama and Georgia means you get intelligent and tough players who can learn under talented CBs to grow into their roles. Both players would be able to fill the slot corner role or play in the box if need be, but Smith will excel in the deep third, and Ricks should be a sticky player. This role needs to be improved so the Eagles can raise that Lombardi.



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