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These Are Undoubtedly The Best Offensive Lines In The NFL

Plain and simple, offensive lines don't get enough talk. We boast over stellar quarterbacks, diva wide receivers, and running backs who can carry a squat rack while pulling a truck. I'm guilty of this as well. We don't think of the big uglies that dominate the line of scrimmage and how important that can be for an offense.

Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles are on the list for obvious reasons. They are littered with veterans and have helped head coach Nick Sirriani scribe a brilliant running game. Deandre Swift, who many thought was on the decline, produced 175 yards on 28 carries against the Vikings.

They also have the most unstoppable play in the league when they run a QB sneak with Jalen Hurts. It's so good fans around the league are begging for there to be a rule change.

The only weakness is that age may start working against them, and a new right guard Cam Jurgens might be a weak link. Nonetheless, the Eagles will showcase a power running game and consistent ownership of the line of scrimmage all season long. They are the heart and soul of the team and the biggest reason they will have another great season.

Cleveland Browns

If there's one thing head coach Kevin Stefanski loves, it's running the football. He's always found ways to scheme a strong run game with a tough, grind-it-out offensive line. Week one was the perfect example of how the Browns want to play football. They will dominate both lines of scrimmage and make it an ugly, low-scoring game.

Joel Bitonio and Wyatt Teller are arguably two of the best players in their position. In a league where defensive lines are getting stronger and stronger, the Browns can nullify a front seven. The offensive line will keep them in games and make life for Deshaun Watson much easier. Watson never consistently had time in the pocket in Houston, but now he has no excuses for underperforming.

Detroit Lions

Head coach Dan Campbell is another coach who makes it clear how important the line of scrimmage battle is. With multiple Pro Bowlers in 2022, the Lion's offensive line has become a force to be reckoned with. Frank Ragnow is argued to be the best center in football, and first-rounder Penei Sewell has lived up to the hype.

Offensive coordinator Ben Johnson utilizes the run game to open up play-action obsessively. Jared Goff is one of the better quarterbacks at running play-action bootlegs, so it fits his strength perfectly. They've been able to buy him time in pass protection during so many key situations.


The big uglies don't get enough credit around the league. Oftentimes we credit the quarterback or running back for producing big plays, but a great offensive line makes their lives easier. The floor for these team's success is very high because of the five up front.

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