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The Worst Week Of Tomlin’s Steelers Tenure

What is going on with the Steelers? How did they win seven games? Are they even good? We might not have any answers to those questions now, but last week was gloomy for Steelers fans everywhere. 

Before the games against the Cardinals and Patriots, the Steelers looked to be firmly in the driver’s seat of the wild card picture in the AFC and now it feels like the chances at a playoff birth have slipped through our fingers. Classic Steelers, or any Pittsburgh team for that matter, Playing down to the opponent. Except for the Pirates, they can’t get much lower. 

Can Tomlin Recover?

Many Steelers fans have grown tired of the Mike Tomlin antics, calling for his job on social media, yelling it from every mountain top possible. It’s relentless. Now what we do know is that Tomlin’s contract is set to expire after next season and he doesn’t have an extension yet. Next year will most likely go a long way in terms of his future in Pittsburgh. 

While it seems extreme to fire your historically great coach, many are ready to do it today, as if theres options as good out there just waiting, which maybe there are, maybe there isn't. The grass isn’t always greener so be careful what you wish for. 

Who among our fans is qualified to know what goes into these decisions? The only apparent thing is that the Steelers need to evolve with the times and get some offensive-minded guys in the building. The Steelers approach to everything seems archaic these days, especially on the offensive side of the ball. 

What could save Tomlin? Some good coordinators. The Steelers should already be on the search for an Offensive Coordinator this offseason and to be honest, the Defensive Coordinator position could use an upgrade too. While Teryl Austin isn’t entirely awful, it doesn’t feel like he fully maximizes how great this defensive unit can be. We saw them take over games at the beginning of the season but as of late, they’ve been waning, especially in the first half against the Patriots. 

Are Steelers Fans Overreacting? 

The short answer is definitely yes. But it’s hard to blame a group of fans that expect greatness out of one of the most storied franchises in sports. The outcry is understandable. Steelers fans just want to reach the pinnacle again and get a seventh Super Bowl, as does every NFL fan. It’s not a crazy thing to want, but it’s unclear if these people spewing outrageous takes all over social media know how hard it is to be great in the NFL. 

It’s not like you can pop up and win the Super Bowl every year. Only Chiefs fans probably have gotten to feel that way most years recently, but even they have faced some roadblocks that didn’t allow them to get there. But it’s understandable. The Steelers and Pirates have had the same amount of playoff wins recently. Not good. The standard should be higher in the Steelers building, it always has been. 

But the question for Steelers fans who hate Mike Tomlin and adore Bill Cowher is, what’s the difference? Yeah, Cowher won more playoff games but they ultimately both only have one championship to show. Isn’t that the goal every year? A Super Bowl ring? Or are we celebrating Cowher’s playoff wins that went nowhere? Just asking questions. Just curious. Cowher was a great Hall of Fame coach and Tomlin will likely join him there one day. 

Realistically it’s just a race to the end of the season for the Steelers. Change is needed big time. Maybe not quite yet in the head coaching department, but a new playbook on both sides of the ball is much needed.


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