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The Worst Offensive Coordinator In The NFL Just Got Fired

Steelers fans, rejoice! Matt Canada, widely considered the worst offensive coordinator in the NFL, has finally been fired after years of fans pleading with the organization to let him go. The Steelers came out of Week 11 at 6-4, no thanks to Matt Canada. In every game this year, the Steelers have been outgained offensively and have had to rely desperately on their stellar defensive playmakers to win them the game without helping them.

Canada did not even seem happy with the Steelers anymore, often being upset and unhappy if the success wasn't because of him. In a touchdown earlier in the season, Kenny Pickett had to audible out of the initial play that Canada called for. Canada had visual disdain when Pickett delivered a strike to George Pickens for a massive touchdown and didn't even smile.

This move has been coming for a while now and couldn't be welcomed more by one of the worst offenses in the NFL. But now the question must be asked: what is next for the Steelers?

The Steelers Offense Can Be Exciting

Kenny Pickett has been subpar, to say the least, this year, but that could finally change with the departure of Canada. We could see a massive explosion in the Steelers offense with weapons like Diontae Johnson, George Pickens, and Pat Friermuth no longer being stuck to just short routes. Pickett needs to be trusted if he wants to succeed in Pittsburgh, and with Canada's lackluster, slow-paced, short-pass offensive scheme blocking his path, he was going nowhere.

The Steelers also have a chance to win their division and make an actual run to the playoffs now. With the Bengals dealing with injuries regarding Joe Burrow, the Browns losing Deshaun Watson for the rest of the year, and Lamar Jackson being shaken up while losing top target Mark Andrews, the window is wide open for the Steelers.

With Canada gone, the window for the Steelers is open, and all they need to do is ride the wave and trust their young quarterback.


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