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The Warriors Need To Trade For This Star

The Warriors still have an elite player to lead them in Steph Curry. Curry is still a consensus top-five player and is coming off of a close to 50/40/90 shooting split averaging 30 points. Golden State may never get a player of his caliber again, and it could be a good decision to trade for a star who can contribute now.

While Steph Curry is 35, his game ages gracefully. There is a lot of off-ball movement, but he doesn't take much contact and should have a few years left to play at a high level. This is the Warriors' time to make one last concerted effort to acquire a star.

Karl Anthony Towns

Karl Anthony Towns was the number one pick in 2015 and has shown lots of talent to be a superstar. However, Towns hasn't been a consistent enough player to be a true number one, and a fit of Anthony Edwards and Towns has shown that it isn't a contending level duo.

Towns has averaged 23 points per game throughout his career, and he has been one of the most elite three-point shooters at the center position ever. Towns have had four seasons shooting over 40% from three and as a career averages 39.5%. Towns can capitalize on open three-point opportunities and could be an ideal two or three-option on a contending team.

The Warriors tend to generate the most out of players, and it is clear that Towns still has another level of refinement in his game.

Fit With The Warriors?

Fit would not be an issue with Golden State. The Warriors run a very unique type of offense where almost anyone can fit in. Steph Curry is one of the easier superstars to play alongside, as he does not need the dominate the ball and does a lot of movement when he does not have the ball.

Golden State generates lots of three-point shots, and they usually rank as one of the top ten teams to attempt them. Towns is an elite three-point shooter and could elevate his game significantly with better looks.

The defense has been an issue for Towns, but playing with a great leader and defender in Draymond Green should help him.

Potential Package

The Warriors have an abundance of assets to offer, and if Towns does become available they could generate a huge haul for him. Players like Wiggins, Kuminga, and Moody are all good assets to build a trade around. A young player, a player who can match contracts, and a pick can give the Warriors a competitive chance to land Towns.


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