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The Ultimate Ranking Of All 32 NFL Starting Quarterbacks


Don’t get mad. These are my rankings and therefore my opinion. But, I’m a super genius who knows everything so this is pretty definitive. That being said, let’s get started!

32: Drew Lock, Seattle Seahawks

Dead last in our ranking comes Drew Lock. What can I say, he was set up to succeed in Denver and couldn’t, now he’s in a far worse situation and will be even worse. Seattle has had consistency at the quarterback position for nearly a decade, and that is no longer true. Enjoy Seattle!

31: Tua Tagovailoa, Miami Dolphins

Man, does he have an argument to be dead last. The only reason I couldn’t do is because he wasn’t set up as well as Lock was. But now, no excuses. Tua hasn’t shown anything from what we saw of him in college. The arm strength has disappeared, the accuracy is laughable and his mobility in the pocket is a joke. They obviously have an elite receiving room with Tyreek Hill, Jaylen Waddle and Mike Gesicki, but that’s the only elite thing on offense as long as he is there.

30: Sam Darnold, Carolina Panthers

So as I mentioned in my article on Monday about the Panther’s situation, he is pretty bad. So I won’t go too in-depth about it. But, he’s higher solely due to having less help than the others. They all have shown essentially the same things, but Darnold has done it with the least. Congrats Sam.

29: Davis Mills, Houston Texans

I’m personally a huge fan of Mills in the NFL. I believe that his talent is through the roof and he has incredible potential. But I just haven’t seen enough out of him yet. I think he can be really good in the future, but for now? he is staying down here.

28: Marcus Mariota, Atlanta Falcons

Mariota was of course a highly touted prospect coming out of college after winning the Heisman award, then going number two to the Tennessee Titans. It didn’t work out there as former backup Ryan Tannehill stole the spot and Mariota went to Vegas. He was then good enough there as the backup to be sign with Atlanta and be their bridge quarterback. It’s unclear if Ridder is their guy of the future, but for now that’s where Mariota is starting.

27: Jared Goff, Detroit Lions

Man, talk about one-season wonders. Goff played like an MVP back in 2018 taking the Rams to the most boring Super Bowl of all time. This earned him a huge contract that was eventually shipped to Detroit in a trade for Matthew Stafford. Goff isn’t bad, but everyone else o this list is either better or I believe will be better this season, even with the improving situation in Detroit.

26: Justin Fields, Chicago Bears

Now if this ranking was based on potential, he might be top ten, but for now, he is staying here. He showed some truly incredible flashes his rookie season with his passing and rushing ability, but nothing concrete enough for me to put him higher. Now he would also be higher if he had a half-decent supporting cast, but everyone wanted out and everyone who was good left him. Good Luck Justin, you’ll need it.

25: Carson Wentz, Washington “Commanders”

I hate that name so much. Regardless, Wentz wasn’t too bad for the early stretch of the season. He was super conservative, made good choices, and had limited turnovers. Then, the quarterback we all know and love returned. He stank it up, cost the Colts a playoff spot, and got traded. Colts wasted a first-rounder on him.

24: Zach Wilson, New York Jets

The first of three New York quarterbacks, and that’s because he’s the worst one. He has potential and a solid arm, but with how he played last year, with a far superior offensive line and receiver room to Daniel Jones, he deserves to be here. Undoubtedly though, he will be up towards the top in no time.

23: Daniel Jones, New York Giants

The second of three New York quarterbacks on this list. Last year, Daniel Jones showed some improvement, when he had his team. The Giants were easily the most injury-riddled team in the NFL and it greatly hurt him. His potential is there as he is easily still a top ten deep passer and top ten rushing quarterback, but we’ll see if he can put it together this year.

22: Trevor Lawrence, Jacksonville Jaguars

The Peyton Manning effect essentially gives him a pass for last year. Even an all-time great sucked in his rookie year. But with his offensive unit around him, who can blame the poor kid. I haven’t even mentioned Urban Meyer yet. Jesus that was a debacle. But he is still arguably the greatest prospect to ever leave college in terms of pure potential. Hopefully for the sake of Duvall County, he plays a lot better.

21: Mitch Trubisky, Pittsburgh Steelers

For the sake of this article, also what I think the Steelers will do this season, I’ll use Trubisky as the starter. he was heavily looked down upon as people thought he sucked in Chicago. But, once we saw that it was actually Matt Nagy that sucks, it basically gifted him a second chance. While he may only be a bridge quarterback to Kenny Pickett, I fully expect him to be serviceable and good.

20: Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles

I’ve seen some ludicrous lists where they have him around the 22-27 range, and to me that is insane. While he may not be the most gifted pocket passer, we are now in the age of quarterbacks where legs and the ability to scramble are incredibly valuable as well. With the acquisition of AJ Brown, I could definitely see him taking that next step, and moving to the top 15.

19: Jameis Winston, New Orleans Saints

Winston had a very solid season last year up until he tore his ACL. Say what you want, but pure talent is there for him. Now, with Michael Thomas returning and a new head coach in Dennis Allen, he can have a great year. Also depends on what happens with Kamara as who knows after he knocked out that guy in Vegas. Yes, that is real. people have just forgotten after an insane off season.

18: Mac Jones, New England Patriots

This kid had some insane shoes to fill in New England, and he did about as well as you could have asked him to. While he had a very solid offensive line, the wide receivers were abysmal and he kind of suffered due to it. They did go out and get Devante Parker and they drafted Tyquan Thornton. Hopefully they don’t get blown out in the playoffs by a division rival this time.

17: Matt Ryan, Indianapolis Colts

The former MVP comes in at our ranking at 17. After his stint in Atlanta was done he got sent to the Colts with a lot left in the tank in my opinion. The best part? An elite offensive line, a top-tier defensive unit, and a top-three running back in the NFL. The last time he was in a situation even remotely close to this, he had a 28-3 Super Bowl lead. I fully expect him to take this team to the playoffs.

16: Ryan Tannehill, Tennessee Titans

The absolute definition of mid. Both in our rankings and terms of skill. The Titans are a run-first team behind Derrick henry, but Tannehill has been very solid. He makes the throws and takes you to maybe a playoff win but that’s about it. he’s a starting quarterback, but he’ll never be able to win a Super Bowl as the starter, and that’s just a fact.

15: Jimmy Garoppolo, San Francisco 49ers

I know there will be plenty of people who will be outraged with Jimmy getting a ranking this high. But he does the number one thing you want out of a quarterback, he wins. He’s taken the 49ers to a Super Bowl, and it would have been two if Jaquiski Tartt would have held on to the interception in the NFC championship. Also, bro is steaming hot. tempted to change his ranking just for that.

14: Kirk Cousins, Minnesota Vikings

Now, Kirk Cousins is probably the most spread-out quarterback amongst these rankings across the internet. Some have him top 10, and other 25 but I think he is honestly really solid. He more than likely won’t win a Super Bowl for you, but he can take you to the playoffs with a half-decent defense. If they play well, the Vikings will more than likely win the NFC North.

13: Derek Carr, Las Vegas Raiders

Carr is a very good quarterback and deserving of this ranking. For some reason that I truly don’t know, people have always slept on him. He has dealt with a few injuries, but when he’s played he has been very good. Now, with the addition of his former college teammate Davante Adams? He might turn it up big time. Raiders will be scary if this man stays healthy.

12: Russel Wilson, Denver Broncos

Man, he is set up very well. With a very solid offensive line, loaded wide receiver room, and strong defensive unit, he can do some real damage this year. The reason he is ranked so low is because of his lackluster end to the year. He was just not very good. Of course he is in a far better situation now so who knows, but I just can’t put him top ten with how he ended last season.

11: Kyler Murray, Arizona Cardinals

This dude is an absolute child. In more ways than one. First off he is short (laugh now.) but second off he acts like a little kid. The Cardinals have done a good job of surrounding him with people who make him better and what did he do this off-season? Complained and threatened to go play baseball. Nonetheless, he is a pro bowl caliber quarterback and will lead the Cardinals to numerous more playoff appearances. Assuming he picks himself up from the Toys R Us floor.

10: Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys

Now Kyler Murray, him, and, our next entry are all almost deadlocked in my opinion. All fantastic quarterbacks of pro-bowl caliber who can win you big games. But solely due to the success the succeeding quarterback he gets tenth. He still got payed, and is in a great situation to succeed, but just mot as good as our next guy.

9: Matthew Stafford, LA Rams

I told you, deadlocked. The Rams gave up a ton to bring him to LA and it paid off. Of course, they won the Super Bowl and will be contenders again next season. But I also think if we put Dak in this situation he had, he would also more than likely make the Super Bowl. But, because he actually did it, and played well while doing it, he gets the edge.

8: Deshaun Watson, Cleveland Browns

Holy crap is this dude talented. If he hadn’t missed like two years, he’d probably be top five. But due to the fact he hasn’t played in a bit and it’s in question if he will even play this year, I can’t put him any higher. Watson when he plays is fantastic and comparable to Josh Allen-level stuff. If he plays, he will definitely return to the top five without a doubt in my mind.

7: Joe Burrow, Cincinnati Bengals

Quite possibly the coldest man in the NFL. Joe Brrrr took it by storm as he led an underdog Bengals team to the Super Bowl. Considering that he wasn’t even supposed to make the playoffs, this was remarkable. Paired with his dynamic duo in Jamarr Chase, Tee Higgins as a second option, and Joe Mixon on the ground game, this team is to be feared for years to come.

6: Justin Herbert, LA Chargers

The heir apparent to the Philip Rivers throne in LA and he has not disappointed. After an incredibly strong rookie campaign that earned him the rookie of the year, people expected him to take a step forward and he did. You are probably thinking “He didn’t even make the playoffs” that’s also because he had the 30th ranked defense on the other side of the ball. Now that the defensive unit is greatly improved with Khalil Mack and JC Jackson, there is no limit for this Chargers team.

5: Lamar Jackson, Baltimore Ravens

This ranking is going to spawn some real hate. Lamar is elite, and if you don’t agree you haven’t watched the man enough. While he did miss the playoffs, you can blame that on almost the entire roster being hurt. Including himself for three weeks. When he plays and has a good roster around him, he is an MVP and a Super Bowl contender. I also don’t see him moving any time soon.

4: Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The goat, what can I say. The most amazing part of his entire career is that he is still an MVP candidate to this day. The Bucs return almost everyone from last year’s team in an effort to make another run. They also have a plethora of good young defensive guys who will continue to be great and help out the goat. Tom is easily till elite even finishing second in MVP voting last year. Don’t leave him out.

3: Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills

The best New York quarterback in these rankings, is by far, Josh Allen. He has continued to dazzle and improve as he looks to make another great run and hopefully go and get a Super Bowl ring. Although he does play for Buffalo so that isn’t happening. Maybe if he goes to five straight. Regardless, with the way he has developed and gotten better as he’s played, there is no doubt he deserves a top three ranking.

2: Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay

Of course, the back-to-back MVP would be near the top of this list. There were a lot of speculations about whether or not he’d be returning to the green bay as he had expressed multiple times how much he hated the organization and the front office, but he returned. then they traded his favorite target. But with their luck, he will channel the anger and somehow go and win a third MVP in a row. Still won’t make it past the NFC championship though.

1: Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City

Was there ever any real doubt on who would be at the top of the list? The new face of the NFL holds the number one spot going into the season, fairly easily. The one thing people have on him is that they claim is receivers make it too easy by being great after the catch and boosting his stats. Now, without Tyreek Hill, we’ll see if it was him or Mahomes that was truly more important.

That’s my ranking for quarterbacks heading into the 2022 season. Once the season is over, I’ll make sure to return to this and we’ll see how I did. But like I said at the start, I’m a super genius who is never wrong so this will be 100% perfect at the end of the season.



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