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The Top Five Tight Ends In the 2024 NFL Draft

Since 2000, the two most prominent dynasties have been the Tom Brady New England Patriots and the current Kansas City Chiefs. Aside from having the best quarterbacks in the NFL at their time, the two teams share another glaring similarity: tight ends. Brady had Rob Gronkowski and Patrick Mahomes currently has Travis Kelce. These two were/are the cornerstones of their offenses and why they were/are so effective. Every team is looking for their Gronkowski or Kelce, so here are the top five candidates if they are looking for them in this year's NFL draft. 

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5) Ben Sinnott, Kansas State

Sinnott is an inaccurate quarterback's best friend. He is excellent at making up for the struggles at quarterback. If the throw is low, Sinnott can dig it up. If it is high, he can go and grab it. Sinnott does everything possible to make the play. He also understands his role as the tight end on passes, being excellent at throwing blocks down the field when there is a catch after the run. Sinnott is not a serious deep threat, as he is not incredibly explosive, but he is a solid safety blanket with a big frame and can hold blocks well.

4) Theo Johnson, Penn State

Johnson is a massive tight end at 6'6" and 257 pounds. Despite being so massive, Johnson is incredibly fast and sure-handed. In the Penn State offense, Johnson was often targeted and always turned in high passer ratings when targeted. That being said, the offensive system that Penn State ran did limit his route tree and his ability to run routes. That, mixed with an issue as a blocker at the line of scrimmage, could cause Johnson to fall. However, with some good coaching, Johnson can become an elite receiving threat with his size and speed. 

3) Cade Stover, Ohio State

Stover is the definition of a typical, consistent, and old-fashioned tight end. He flipped from the defensive side of the ball only two years ago, giving him a very interesting skillset. Stover is a jack of all trades, master of none. He does everything proficiently but could be more spectacularly. Due to him starting out defensively, Stover is undeveloped in blocking but has come along nicely and can be incredibly physical. He is a bit raw, but he has proven to work in the proper scheme at Ohio State and can be very consistent if needed. 

2) Ja'Tavion Sanders, Texas

Sanders is a wide receiver with a tight ends body. Sanders runs a 4.56 40-yard dash at 252 pounds, which is incredibly explosive for the NFL. He is also renowned for his safe hands and consistency when catching the ball. Sanders can also effectively run after the catch and block the secondary afterward. He struggles against edge rushers and the front seven when asked to block, making him less of an ideal tight end for a traditional role. However, no tight end can truly guard him due to his speed. If given time to work on his blocking, Sanders can become an All-Pro talent.

1) Brock Bowers, Georgia

Similarly to the wide receivers list, there is a consensus number one at the position. Bowers is practically a wideout but with even better athleticism. He runs a sub 4.50 40, has a vertical leap above 40 inches, and led all tight ends in yards after the catch. Bowers is a very solid route-runner. However, he might need some help gaining separation against the best safeties in the NFL. Bowers also has a drive like no other, often complete sprinting to get to the second level to throw a block, being drawn up to end on the other side of the line on a screen pass, and relied on to take a hit if needed. Bowers is a general tight-end prospect, just below Kyle Pitts.

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