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The Top 5 Safeties In The 2024 NFL Draft

For every massive wide receiver catch, there was a safety who failed to make a play. Teams in the modern NFL throw more than ever, so opposing defenses need to be better protected in the skies than ever. With an excellent secondary built up by cornerbacks and safeties, teams can go far in the playoffs and even contend for a title. Teams are always looking to build this elite unit, and if they are looking to add to it in this year's draft, these are the names to keep an eye on.

Safeties Are Crucial To Win

#5: Cole Bishop, Utah

Bishop doesn't have size or natural athleticism, but he knows how to make the skills he does have work for him. At 6'1, Bishop is very fluid, able to move quickly and turn on the drop of a dime. With his ability to turn and change direction, Bishop has a natural feel for the ball, can read the ball well in the air, and breaks up deep balls down the field. Bishop is a weaker safety at only 209 pounds, which can lead to issues tackling the game, especially versus tight ends. Bishop is also very aggressive, often going for bigger hits than regular tackles, which he struggles with, given his size. If his strength is worked on, Bishop can be a solid and well-rounded safety for whoever drafts him.

#4: Javon Bullard, Georgia

Bullard is exceptional for one specific role. His measurable leave for something to be desired, at only 5'10 and weighing in at 197 pounds. However, despite these small arms compared to the position, Bullard excels in zone coverage. He can read routes, anticipate throws, and get to a ball as soon as it is thrown. Bullard is small and will need to bulk up in the NFL to truly compete, but if the correct team drafts Bullard, he could be an elite zone hawk who anchors a defense.

#3: Jaden Hicks, Washington State

Hicks is a box safety who plays underneath a lot of the time and excels in that situation. At 6'3 and 212 pounds, Hicks is on the larger side of security, which allows him to cover bigger receivers on short routes and keep up with tight ends while not sacrificing size. Hicks does struggle in the zone at times and can have trouble trying to track the ball when in the air, but he has a burst that can help him close those gaps. Hicks is not a deep zone hawk-like Bullard, but rather the opposite. He is the ideal matchup if the other team has a big jump-ball receiver or tight end.

#2: Kamren Kinchens, Miami

Kinchens does not necessarily have a specific weakness that brings him down. He has elite speed and field coverage, allowing him to cover deep parts of the field from sideline to sideline. Kinchens also has a lot of power, able to throw down big hits on receivers down the field and force turnovers. Kinchens is smaller and can struggle to wrap up tackles, but if given time and put on the proper weight regiment he will be elite in the NFL. He also intercepted Drake Maye, the likely #2 quarterback in this year's class, showing his ability to face even the best of the best at their level.

#1: Tyler Nubin, Minnesota

Nubin is a field general and incredibly intelligent. He can often pick up on audibles or plays the other team is running before the snap and adjust the defense as needed. To match this, Nubin understands his instincts well and knows when to jump routes and when to latch on to a defender at a moment's notice. Due to this burst and physical ability, Nubin also has excellent explosiveness and can play anywhere from the box to the deep zone. Nubin is somewhat susceptible to flags, often being physical with receivers, but nothing that can't be buffed out once drafted.

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