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The Top Five Quarterbacks In The 2024 NFL Draft!

The quarterback is by far the most critical position on the football field, and with the recent dominance of Patrick Mahomes beating teams that are far more well-rounded, it is more apparent than ever that you need a true game-changer at quarterback to win a Superbowl.

With this in mind, NFL teams will be drafting this year. Each team is looking for their Mahomes or Brady, their guy, to take them to the next level. Here are the five best options if a team wants that guy in this year's draft.

5) JJ McCarthy, Michigan

McCarthy is an exciting prospect. Coming off a national championship and his second year as the true Wolverine starter, many expected McCarthy to return for one more year to avoid being drafted against the monsters in this class. McCarthy is solid overall. He has a good pocket presence, never gets too flustered, and can make intelligent reads when given the opportunity and the weapons.

The major knock for McCarthy is that he has had an incredible system around him his entire time as a starter. With Blake Corum and the best offensive line in college football in the past few years helping him out, it has been easy for him to thrive. He can be solid in the NFL if given the proper tools.

4) Michael Penix Jr, Washington

Penix might be the most overrated quarterback in this class. First, to give him his flowers, he is incredibly accurate. In the pocket, Penix is a sniper with the football and always puts it exactly where he wants it. However, Penix did have three receivers who will likely be drafted, and one of them, Rome Odunze, might be drafted in the top ten.

I'm not faulting the guy for having good weapons, but keep it in mind compared to others. Penix also has a horrifying injury history, tearing his ACL once and having two other season-ending injuries before this last campaign. Penix is good but nothing special. A less athletic and special Tua Tagovailoa. Also, he will already be 24 by the time he is drafted, which is incredibly old for a guy coming out of college.

3) Jayden Daniels, LSU

The Heisman trophy winner gets the unfortunate case of "you are good, but there is better." Daniels excelled in the LSU offense, teaming up with his star-studded receiving core to dominate most of the SEC. My major quarrel with Daniels, similar to Penix, is his age and the transferring history. Daniels is only 23 but has played college football since 2019. Daniels is incredibly athletic and can make throws into spots requiring natural talent.

But the idea that it took him so long to put it together, and only after he was given the best situation, frightens me. Likely, he won't go somewhere with the best position, and when that happens, Daniels will struggle. Daniels is still incredibly athletic, and a sight to behold, but his age and need for supreme talent around him make me question his ability to succeed early on in his career. 

2) Drake Maye, UNC

The last time we had a UNC quarterback drafted this high, it did not end well for the Bears. Luckily for whoever drafts Maye, he is no Mitch Trubisky. Maye is massive, coming in at a towering 6'4 and 230 pounds. Aside from the freakish size, he is incredibly poised and trusts himself in the pocket.

Maye stands tall when pressure is there and can either calmly throw the pass exactly where it needs to go or roll out with his legs and make the play himself. Maye also has a cannon for an arm that can quickly launch a ball well beyond 60 yards. This mixed with a calm demeanor, a legendary coach as his mentor, and his ability to create, and you have the next Justin Herbert.

1) Caleb Williams, USC

There was never a doubt about who'd be at the top of the list. Williams followed the quarterback guru, Lincoln Riley, down to USC and has not disappointed. Williams won a Heisman and nearly went back-to-back where if he had won some tight games, he and Archie Griffin would be in exclusive company.

Williams is electric, able to scramble for significant gains, improvise throws, sit in the pocket, and make a read. Williams has gained comparisons to Mahomes, and for good reason. Williams' ability to escape trouble and create something from nothing is similar to that of the now three-time Lombardi winner. Williams should change a franchise if given the time and the weapons to do so.

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