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The Top 5 Offensive Linemen In The 2024 NFL Draft

In the modern NFL, winning without a proficient offensive line is impossible. Even the best quarterbacks will be limited to just a few seconds in the pocket or forced to throw outside the pocket (which are the excellent quarterbacks). We've seen the importance of offensive lines in Superbowl 56, where Mahomes was given no time in the pocket and the Buccaneers blew out the Chiefs.

The Chiefs then beefed up the line and have now gone back-to-back. The offensive line is essential; many teams will look for it in this year's draft. Here is who the teams targeting the offensive line will be looking to draft in April.

Every Quarterback Needs Good Linemen

5). Taliese Fuaga (Right Tackle), Oregon State 

Fuaga is massive, weighing in at 332 pounds at right tackle. While he did not have the light shined on him at Oregon State, you do not want the light shined on you as an offensive lineman. Fuaga is incredibly aggressive, resulting in a high-risk/high-reward system in his play.

When Fuaga wins, that defender is down for that entire play. But if Fuaga loses, the quarterback is getting pressured very quickly. Fuaga is a project, but he dominated at the college level. I worry about how he handles the transition versus such stricter competition, but if coached up, he can become an elite tackle.

4). JC Latham (Right Tackle), Alabama

Zero sacks are a great thing to see in any player and even more extraordinary in a player coming out of college. Latham let up zero sacks this past year and was the basis of the Alabama offense. Latham not only has incredible size at 6'6 and 350 pounds, but he has a mind for the game.

Latham constantly works with the offensive guard next to him to block effectively, whether it is double teams, screens, or distractions. Latham has all the physical traits and a nice mental set to go with it, but he lacks control. Latham had 12 flags against him this past year, the most against anyone on this list. If Latham can iron out the penalties, he should be a good choice in the draft.

3). Troy Fautanu (Left Tackle), Washington

Fautanu is small, but he is an athletic freak. He comes in at only 6'4 and 317 pounds, but this gives him something the others on this list don't have: freak athleticism. A 32-inch vertical and incredible mobility are two of his biggest strengths. Fautanu excels against smaller ends, as he is fast and can move quickly, but he needs some help with the more oversized lots that can use their brute force.

Similar to Latham, Fautanu also struggles with control and his hands. Once he is in the NFL, they can work with him, but if he is put in a situation to improve his consistency, he will be a threat. But also, with his size and skills, it's worth considering a move to guard.

2). Joe Alt (Left Tackle), Notre Dame

Joe Alt is 6'8 and weighs 318 pounds. This gives him a rare and potent mixture of strength and mass, with insane athleticism. Alt also ranks highly in his speed, running a 4.90, allowing him to excel in screen scenarios and play action that forces him to move across the field. Despite having this speed, his one weakness is not relying on it.

Alt can be beaten relatively quickly on the inside due to him trying to make up ground with his arms rather than his legs and just hurrying there. If Alt can trust his speed, he has every other tool you may want in a blue-chip tackle who anchors your team for decades. 

1). Olu Fashanu (Left Tackle), Penn State

Joe Alt is incredible, but it takes something even more special in Fashanu to be even better. Fashanu comes in at 6'6 and 319 pounds, which is relatively average for the position. Also, mixed with an average of 5.10 forty times, his base numbers are not what makes Fashanu so unique. Despite being somewhat average, these base numbers are perfect proportionally and allow him to be ideally even in his movements.

Fashanu is also incredibly athletic, as his "on-field speed" is underrated and makes him an elite blocker in both the pass and the run game. Like Alt, Fashanu can struggle with trusting his length and try to make it up with his arms. The difference between Fashanu and Alt is Fashanu's natural proportions. Alt is lanky, sometimes for the worse, while Fashanu has learned his body and knows how to fuse everything for optimal performance.


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