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The SEC Is The Greatest Thing To Ever Happen To College Football

The SEC is the best conference in college football, and there is no argument to be had.

The SEC has the best athletes, coaches, fans, teams, traditions, mascots, food, and whatever else you can imagine.

It does help that since 2003, the SEC has claimed 14 National Championships and won the last four in a row.

When you're watching SEC football you can tell it's a lot different than the rest of the country. The players are bigger, faster, more athletic, and smarter, and those are some main reasons why they keep winning titles, and other conferences can't compete.

Saturdays in the fall down south are like a holiday. Every SEC fan is going crazy from getting up early in the morning to go tailgate and cook some of the best food in the country.

The South has the best tailgates, and the main reason for that is their fans are more passionate than anyone else.

College Football Is Everything In The South

College football is the only thing a lot of these people have sports-wise in their areas. Look at the state of Alabama. They don't have much outside of Alabama and Auburn football. For the majority of the country, college football teams are some of the smaller things to be interested in their state, but for states like Alabama, Mississippi, and Arkansas that's all they have.

With college football returning here soon we will be able to get our fix for some awesome SEC games and traditions.

There was nothing like tuning into an SEC game at 3:30 on CBS with that iconic theme song which will no longer be happening this upcoming season, and watching Florida roll into Baton Rouge to play the LSU Tigers. There are over 100,000 fans on their feet singing Garth Brooks's iconic song Callin' Baton Rouge before the game, and you get crazy chills down your spine.

How about we drive down the road to Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and listen to over 100,000 fans sing Dixieland Delight at the top of their lungs and the stadium is going crazy!

There is nothing like these awesome traditions and there are so many more unique ones around the south.

Many fans complain about how great the SEC is, but they can only laugh at themselves because if their team was part of a conference that cared as much as the SEC then maybe they would be great just like them.

The SEC cares and they want to be great. Of course, there are some teams like Vanderbilt that can't compete with the big guys but most of the teams in the SEC truly care and have a program in place they believe can succeed.

Alabama has been the best program overall in the sport for the last 15 years. Georgia has won the last two titles. LSU won a title in 2019 and they are very talented this season to go places. Tennessee looks to be back to their winning ways. Florida hasn't been the same since Urban Meyer and Tim Tebow but they did claim two titles from 2006-2009. Auburn cares way too much to be bad and they are about to turn their program around. Texas A&M went out and gave Jimbo Fisher a huge contract and now they need to show it on the field. The schools from Mississippi look to be turning the corner. Arkansas, Missouri, South Carolina, and Kentucky can compete every Saturday.

The South is just different when it comes to this sport and this is the main reason why people still pay attention to college football.

You either hate the SEC or love them and you can't say that about any other conference or area in the USA.

Get your popcorn ready because SEC football is almost here.


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