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The Seahawks Future Face Of The Franchise – 2022 And Beyond

With two franchise greats on the way out the door, the Seahawks need a new face of the franchise. Who might that be?

The 2022 Seahawks will look a lot different than the typical Seahawks team we have watched over the past ten years. Russell Wilson and Bobby Wagner were jettisoned by the team this offseason, and with those moves comes a good deal of change. It’s exciting to know that the Seahawks are making a sort of fresh start, but someone will have to step up and take the reigns of leadership. I see three clear possibilities for a new face of the franchise, and all three are very interesting candidates.

There are a few guys for whom a case could be made, but there are reasons they can’t be the next franchise player: Tyler Lockett (won’t be around for too long), Quandre Diggs (same reason), and Jordyn Brooks (not until he becomes Bobby Wagner 2.0). These guys are great players, but aren’t the type that could be seen as franchise cornerstones.

DK Metcalf, WR

DK Metcalf is by far the most likely candidate for the player who will represent the Seahawks as a franchise now that Wilson and Wagner have departed. He has a loud personality, but also seems to have a great work ethic and a will to take a lead on the team. Metcalf even stated that he felt it was his time to be a leader in Seattle. His ability to become such a leader hinges on the looming contract extension which the Seahawks and Metcalf are in discussion about. Once DK gets his long-term deal, he will probably be the first active Seahawk that NFL fans think of.

Jamal Adams, S

Adams is a high-energy, positive-attitude player, who reminds me a lot of Pete Carroll. There are two issues holding Adams back from being the next face of the franchise: he plays defense, and he’s hurt often. How many defensive players are known as the faces of their franchise? TJ Watt, Aaron Donald, maybe Myles Garrett, and no one else. If Adams can get back to being healthy for full seasons and be as impactful of a player as he was in 2020 (when he broke the single-season DB sack record), he can be a team-changing player seen as the premier Seahawk.

Drew Lock, QB

Drew Lock is my dark horse pick for face of the franchise in the coming years. Yes, it’s a long shot for Lock to salvage his career and become a longtime starter for the Seahawks. However, he’s surrounded by excellent skill position players and an offensive line that should be quite good by 2023. For a majority of the league, franchises are represented by their quarterbacks. The Seahawks likely end up drafting a quarterback before the 2023 season, but if Lock really shows out this season and is kept around by the Seahawks, don’t be surprised if he becomes the face of the franchise.

The 2022 season will be a fun one for Seahawks fans. With the pressure of making the playoffs and going on a deep run every year that Russell Wilson was around off the Seahawks shoulders, the point of the season will be to watch young players develop and determine their fits on the Seahawks roster. One of these younger players will become the premier Seahawk of the next generation. Will it be DK Metcalf, Jamal Adams, Drew Lock, or another player?

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