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The Saints Have One Huge Flaw In Their Offense

The Saints have had some troubles all over the field this season, but there has been one area in particular that has been more impactful than others.

The Saints Offense Can’t Take Care Of The Ball

New Orleans currently has the most turnovers in the league with 13. Six of these are interceptions and seven are lost fumbles. To put this into perspective, the Saints had 18 turnovers total last year.

The team currently sits at -8 on the turnover differential, which is also last in the league.

The Saints Are Fumbling The Game Away

The team has turned the tide of each game this season, but not in their favor. In Week One they lost a singular fumble. In Week Two they lost another couple of fumbles. In Week Three Alvin Kamara started the game by getting stripped by Frankie Luvu, who took it back to the house. In Week Four they chalked up two more fumbles lost. Finally, last week [Week Five] Kamara just couldn’t help himself and coughed up another fumble to the Seahawk defense.

While losing seven fumbles, they have surely lucked out in some spots where they could have added to this already abysmal ball security.

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Can The Saints Help Themselves?

New Orleans has been handing the ball over to the opposing team like a gift, the defense has not been so quick to get the ball back. In five weeks the New Orleans defense has taken the ball away five times, from one interception to four fumble recoveries.

The team needs to figure out a way to turn it around. Both sides of the ball have not been as highly touted as they were coming into the season. The offensive side of the ball needs to hang on to the ball or it is going to be a long season for Saints fans.


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