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Alex Van Pelt's Firing Was A Bad Look For The Browns And Here's Why

Updated: Feb 3

A few weeks  ago Cleveland Browns offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt was let go, and many were wondering why and what caused his dismissal from the team after helping take the Browns to the playoffs after starting five different quarterbacks throughout the season, losing Nick Chubb, and their starting left, right and backup right tackle.  

Van Pelt was hired as the New England Patriots offensive coordinator on Thursday. Albert Breer from the Monday Morning Quarterback was on Zolak & Bertrand on 98.5 the Sports Hub in Boston and had much to say about why Van Pelt was let go from Cleveland. 

Breer stated that Ownership and Paul DePodesta, not Kevin Stefanski, were frustrated with Deshaun Watson's progress. Many people under Stefanski were not too happy with Van Pelt being let go, and he was known as the glue guy in Cleveland. 

This is not a good look if ownership Jimmy Haslam and chief strategy officer Paul DePodesta were the ones who let Van Pelt go and not the coaching staff. 

Haslam has to be very mad at the moment that the man he gave 230 million dollars guaranteed to two offseasons ago has not lived up to the hype, and Haslam had to get rid of someone for Watson's performance, and Van Pelt was the man who had to go. 

It's also not like Watson has spent much time in a Browns uniform. He only started six games in each of the past two seasons and has flashed in some of those games, but it is hard to see what Watson can do because he can't stay on the field. 

Haslam is known for getting in the middle of football operations, and now he's just getting rid of members of Stefanski's coaching staff because the guy he wanted to trade for hasn't been able to be one of the top players at his position. 

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