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The Pressure Is Extra Intense: #1 Quarterback Vs #1 Head Coach Rivalry

With Tom Brady basically trolling all of the media and coming back to play his 22nd season, the competition and pressure are on for Bill Belichick.

After Brady won a Super Bowl in 2020 (his first year without Belichick coaching him), people started to believe Brady was the magic, considering Belichick couldn’t get to the playoffs.

Putting aside the desperate pickup of Cam Newton, Mac Jones had a solid rookie season and looks to improve on his skills in year two.

The competition is even more fierce between Brady and Belichick now, as Bill has something he needs to prove to Brady, and Tom is after Bill’s eighth ring. So the question is, who will prevail and who needs who.

What Pressure Does Brady Face?

Firstly, everyone should note that both teams have gone through many changes this offseason. For the Buccaneers specifically, Bruce Arians has stepped down as head coach.

Bruce Arians ended up training the new coach, Todd Bowles to carry on the legacy. However, they have different ideologies.

While Arians relied heavily on Brady’s playmaking and decision skills, Todd Bowles is an all-around coach and won’t abuse Brady’s ability. Instead, he will do what he can to win.

This is by abusing the running game against a weak run defense, doing short passes, focusing on defensive coverage for offensive powerhouses, etc. So Brady will have to adjust to the pressure of new coaching.

The Buccaneers also have some key players to sign, with Ndamukong Suh and Jason Pierre-Paul still in free agency. Not to mention Gronk is also in free agency but is heavily considering resigning.

They also lost some critical chunks to their offense this off-season, with Ronald Jones going to the Chiefs and OJ Howard going to the Bills, so the pressure to be better on offense is higher.

Brady lost a shootout in the playoffs last year to the Rams, as his defense couldn’t make the last stop. So he ends up facing them and a lot of other playoff opponents this year (Cowboys, Chiefs, Packers, Ravens, Bengals, Cardinals).

Nonetheless, Brady should be fine, and it’s hard to see him have a bad season but changes from the inside may affect and put pressure on the team in general and, therefore, Brady’s role and leadership on that team.

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What Pressure Does Belichick Face?

On the other hand, the Patriots have also had a lot of changes this off-season. Belichick ended up reuniting with old coaches Joe Judge and Matt Patricia.

These coaches came from head coaching jobs, and now they are currently fighting for an offensive coordinator. Neither has called offensive plays in an NFL game. Although both of them agree to terms, it’s uncertain if there will be tension for now.

Patricia plans to be the offensive line coach, and Judge intends to be the QB coach, but with no offensive coordinator, the pressure lands on Belichick to choose the right candidate.

Both coaches are coming off losing seasons, with the Lions finishing 3-13-1 and the Giants finishing 4-13, so picking up these two was surprising. Not to mention Belichick must play Josh McDaniels this year too.

Also, Belichick lost a lot of key defensive players, including JC Jackson and Kyle Van Noy. This puts pressure on the defense to succeed against high-powered offenses.

This also puts a lot more pressure on Mac to succeed, considering that if the defense doesn’t perform, the offense must pick up the slack in order to win.

Belichick is in a stickier situation since Brady already proved himself. Belichick hasn’t won a playoff game since Brady left three years ago.

Who Needs Who, Belichick Or Brady?

It’s hard to indeed state who is more dependent on who; frankly, it’s undeniable that Brady and Belichick are one of the greatest duos in Football.

Brady would put in the work while Belichick puts in the brains, and there have been instances of both of them separately showing their skills without the other.

However, as mentioned before, Brady is currently holding all the cards, already winning and having an MVP season without Bill.

The pressure and competition are high for Belichick, since not only must he prove his coaching skills, but his division is slowly becoming harder and harder to fight (Bills and Dolphins).

No one is saying Belichick isn’t a great coach, in fact, he’s one of the greatest, but Belichick is going to have to make a lot of changes to his plans and style to combat other teams, in this modern era of the NFL.


The Patriots have had high expectations since the 2000s, winning six Super Bowls in around 20 years. Now that Brady is gone, it’s up to Belichick to carry on the legacy fans expect from him.

It’s possible that Belichick could be focusing more on the future rather than proving himself. He’s trying to get young players and draft picks to have a foundation for the next coach to take his place.

This would be a smart move, and it’s hard to blame Belichick for putting his ego aside and focusing on the future of his team.

Either way, Belichick and Brady are both the best in their given positions, they brought a lot of success to New England. Hopefully, everything pans out for both of them and we see them face each other in the super bowl!

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