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It Is Time For The Phoenix Suns To Start Over

After going all out for Bradley Beal, the Phoenix Suns sacrificed their future assets and depth for a win-now roster, however, they were swept in the first round of the NBA playoffs by the Minnesota Timberwolves. Given their current cap allocation, the Suns are in a situation where they cannot make any realistic trades or signings to become serious contenders. Here is why it is time for the franchise to reset itself.

Kevin Durant's Best Trade Value

In the NBA, there is a short window an NBA team has to maximize a player's value in trades. Currently, Kevin Durant is 35 and is fresh off averaging 27 points per game on 52/41 shooting splits. If Kevin Durant were to be available via trades, he would garner multiple first-round picks and young players with lots of potential. At 35, this is the highest trade value Kevin Durant will have.

If the Suns decide to wait to trade him, ultimately that hurts them. As Kevin Durant gets older and his contract is closer to expiring, his trade value gets closer. The Suns are in a salary cap situation where they aren't able to make a significant move. The Suns' best path is to start over and create a situation where they have assets to build towards the future.

The Suns Have To Part With Bradley Beal

If the Suns decide not to do a full rebuild, they at the least must part with Bradley Beal. Bradley Beal is on a 5/250 million dollar contract and is due a hefty sum in the next two years. The Suns simply do not have enough defense and secondary scoring options to be a legitimate contender. Bradley Beal's contract is a massive reason why the Suns are so strained in terms of cap space.

Beal has shown a lot of regression in the last few years, and averaged only 18 points per game last season, showing a great drop-off from the 31 points per game he averaged as the scoring champion just a few seasons back.

Beal's value isn't high, but the financial flexibility gained will allow the Suns to re-tool their roster to complement Kevin Durant and Devin Booker. The Suns are currently in mediocrity in the NBA, and a big move is needed for their franchise's future.


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