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The Philadelphia 76ers Need To Trade For This All-Star Now!

The Philadelphia 76ers have been in a constant cycle of misery since their tanking era in the mid 2010's, constantly being a higher end playoff team, and never making it past the second round. They got close until Joel Embiid crumbled under the pressure, and Ben Simmons got the jitters. But after bringing in James Harden, a move that was expected to make he 76ers title contenders, they still didn't even get them past the second round. Philadelphia has a lot to reconsider.

Harden is angry at President Daryl Morey, claiming he lied to him on top of a slue of other things. Regardless, it doesn't seem likely that Harden will be playing for the 76ers again, and likely could be traded. Luckily for the 76ers, the perfect player is available for trade. The best part? He's already been a 76er.

Jrue Holiday Needs To Go To Philadelphia

The 76ers only have so much money to fiddle with, and after big trades have left them with some weakness at the guard position, Holiday would be perfect for this team. Say what you want but the 76ers have a problem with divas, including Harden's antics and Embiid's constant whines for free throws. Holiday is the complete opposite, someone you never have to worry about causing a ruckus.

Holiday is an elite guard defender who can work as a one or a two guard. With young guard Tyrese Maxey also in a similar situation, it allows the 76ers to let Maxey choose, so he can develop to the bets of his abilities.

This is a perfect spot for Holiday to fill the hole that Harden could hypothetically leave, and would give a very nice, level headed, boost of seniority and veteran leadership for this team. Especially with Damian Lillard now on the Bucks, the 76ers NEED to get a defender who can truly guard him, the best bet being Holiday.

Make It Happen Philly

Holiday spent the first four seasons of his career in Philly, and they are now presented with a golden opportunity to bring him back. It would be pricey, but not so much if you include Harden. If "The Beard" is included, I could very well see a swap being done. If not, imagine Maxey as a sixth man. The 76ers can form a really nice pairing hear of Holiday and Embiid, but they need to be willing to commit, an issue they've struggled with for years now.


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