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The Patriots Should Target This Player In The Off-Season

The Patriots currently are projected to pick second in the NFL draft, and it's clear they need more talent to compete. Thankfully for them, this NFL off-season is shaping up to have lots of dynamic players available. Here is who New England should target.

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Tee Higgins

Tee Higgins entered the NFL in 2020 with Joe Burrow, and he has become one of the better wide receivers in the NFL. In his rookie year, Higgins recorded 908 receiving yards and six touchdowns. In his sophomore year, Higgins took a backseat and became a wide receiver to when the Bengals chose Ja'Marr Chase in the 2021 draft.

Higgins, with Chase, recorded 1091 yards and six touchdowns. He followed that year up with another year with another year over 1,000 receiving yards. Higgins established himself as an elite receiver in the NFL, and he still has more potential considering he wasn't the focal point of the offense. Higgins's 6'4 frame along with his route running make him the best receiver available in the market right now.

Higgin's ability to catch contested catches using his frame and his polished route running make him a perfect fit for the Patriots. Mac Jones has significantly struggled this year and a large reason is the lack of separation the receivers create and Mac not having a "go-to guy".

Regardless of who is under center for New England next year, Higgins is a great receiver to pair with a young quarterback. He is only 24 and can grow into his new role as a young quarterback.

Patriots Will Need To Use A Lot Of Assets To Acquire Him

An elite receiver in the NFL is crucial to building a successful contender, so acquiring Tee Higgins will be pricey for New England. To be competitive, the Patriots should offer a first-rounder and a third-rounder to acquire him from the Bengals. Also, New England is going to need to extend him.

Currently, Higgins is expected to make around 20 million dollars per year, and considering New England is top five in cap space, they can be aggressive and acquire Higgins. Draft assets and lots of cap space are needed, but the Patriots are in an ideal position to acquire any star, not just Higgins

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