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The Patriots Need To Trade For One Superstar And One Superstar Only.

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

It’s quiet in Foxboro. It’s a little too quiet. The only rumblings pertained to whether the organization believed in Mac Jones. I ignore that noise. 

However, there is one thing I cannot forget. Last season was a disaster offensively. Every week felt like the blind leading the blind. It reached the point where even Mac decided to trust his gut. What happened when that happened? Success. Execution. New England Patriots Football.

Even with minimal success, it was evident that Mac needed help. The offensive line is a different blog post. The champ wants one thing this offseason. It is not a free agent. It most certainly is not a rookie. It is a future hall of fame wide receiver, also known as the answer to our problems.

DeAndre Hopkins Needs To Be A Patriot.

It sounds like something out of Madden. I agree because I have done it in Madden. I shoved Bobby Kraft aside and put my balls on the table to make the deal. Here’s what I offered.

Patriots receive:

  1. DeAndre Hopkins

Cardinals receive:

  1. 2023 2nd round pick

  2. 2023 4th round pick

  3. WR Nelson Agholor

While Agholor may not be on the roster anymore, the suits can plug in anyone they see fit. But look how easy it was! Especially because AI is more stubborn than most of the NFL front offices. After the abysmal performance in 2022, drastic changes need to be made. Hopkins checks every box.

Hopkins Achieves Dream Of Playing For Patriots

It’s no secret that players around the league dream they could one day play for the Patriots under the greatest coach ever. Countless mic ’d-up clips show Belichick interacting with players postgame. The clips gain more traction with a player on his way out the door.

A season before Hunter Henry joined the pirate ship, Belichick and he shared a moment postgame that spurred a frenzy throughout Patriots Twitter. No one believed he would sign with the Patriots, even the champ himself! Sometimes it is nice to be wrong.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words….or $37.5 million. — Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) March 16, 2021

The same thing happened between Nuke and Belichick last season. See for yourself.

DeAndre Hopkins Fits In The Patriots’ Offense Like A Glove.

Since the Randy Moss era, the Patriots have not had an elite pass catcher to bail out the offense. Brady bailed out everyone, but Mac is not quite there. He needs some help. He finished under 3000 yards passing and completed only 65% of his passes in 2022. Yes, Patricia caused most of that, but Jones is not entirely out of dodge.

DeAndre Hopkins is not alone in a new city. He rejoins old pal, Bill O’Brien, who has coached Hopkins in Houston but become the offensive wizard in New England. Their issues stem from his role as GM, not head coach.

O’Brien makes Foxboro the ideal destination for the future hall of fame wide receiver. Not only do the two have history, but O’Brien has coached in the New England AND Alabama programs. He knows what offense Mac Jones can reach his full potential. Adding Hopkins to that is like adding six strips of bacon to a double cheeseburger, a genius idea.

Patriots Need To Make Move To Compete In The Division

It may seem like the champ has been writing nonsense, but have you been keeping up with what is happening in the NFL? The Jets traded for Aaron Rodgers. The Dolphins acquired Jalen Ramsey from the Rams via trade. What have our fearless leaders at Gillette done? Resigning Jonathon Jones. Cool, but that is not going to win playoff games.

Take a stroll down memory lane for a hot minute. What happened when Belichick went all in to make Randy Moss a Patriot? It gave the Patriot Peeps a historic offense, a shenanigan catch away from an undefeated season. Brady put up career numbers. Where is that energy for Brady 2.0?

The champ can type Nuke’s insane stats into this blog to hammer home the point. I’ve said enough. It does not matter what it takes. The one goal of this offseason is to get a Patriot uniform on DeAndre Hopkins. If this trade becomes a reality, all is forgiven for N’Keal Harry, the peeps would agree with me.

This is not a wish; it is a demand. When the champ speaks, listen.

Go Pats.


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