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The Patriots Need To End Their Season On Sunday

On a hot summer day in August, I sat in the crowd watching the Patriots prepare for the 2022 season. Other members of Pats Nation chatted next to me about how excited they were to return to Gillette in January for a playoff game. Oh, how the tables have turned.

The season took a nose dive once Belichick named Matt Patricia the play-caller on offense. Patricia’s experience with this organization has been with the defense. He coached them to two Super Bowls. Tell me how making him captain of the offensive ship makes any sense. It does not.

Each week felt like time came to a standstill. The same issues of lack of execution and scoring kept persisting. It became a chore to watch rather than a pleasure. Football should never be a chore on your weekly calendar. They bring you more agony than joy in your life. When that is the case, it’s time to step away.

The champ is not someone who accepts defeat. However in this case, it is for the best. Allow me to explain.

The Patriots’ Offense Is Not Ready For A Playoff Game.

The Patriots’ defense ranks as one of, if not the best in the league. Their offense sits at the bottom of the league looking up at their counterpart. The one-dimensional approach to moving the ball up the field has blown up in Patricia’s face. Coaches and players around the league told the media how predictable the offense was. Helen Keller could have drawn up a better game plan.

If it was not for Rhamondre Stevenson, this football team would be hopeless. He carried the team throughout the first half with his multiple 100-yard games and explosiveness out of the backfield. Defenses could not slow him down. His season remained flawless until a backward lateral tarnished it all. Then, he fumbled the game away a week later. I do not blame Stevenson. The pressure caused a breakdown. It happens to everyone. We are all human.

As for Mac Jones, I want to give him a hug. The dense members of Patriot Nation do not know what they are talking about when criticizing him. They see the issue from another perspective. As the champ of these peeps, it is my job to steer them in the right direction. The truth does not lie where their eyes see.

I fell victim to the belief Mac was not the man to lead this team to the promised land. I admit that I even chanted Zappe once or twice at one of the five home games I attended. But that was then. This is now.

Patricia sets Jones up to fail weekly. There must be spacing for receivers to run routes on any passing plays. The decision-making gives me headaches. When Mac finally ignores the dunce, he cooks. Guys like Hunter Henry, Tyquan Thorton, and Kendrick Bourne thrive in their roles. This allows the defense to defend the pass slightly more. Then Stevenson can bulldoze through them all. Patricia needs more patience. Neither does Patriots Nation.

The Patriots’ Defense Deserves Better.

At the end of 2021, the Patriots’ defense deserved their lashing from the Boston sports media. Their embarrassing performance against the Bills left terrible memories in many Foxboro youth. They nearly redeemed themselves a year later. If it weren’t for the idiot leading the offense, this team would be on the verge of a Super Bowl.

The defense ranked among the league’s best this season. They rank 5th in points allowed, 2nd in rushing touchdowns allowed, 9th in passing yards and completions, and 5th in turnovers. Also, they scored seven touchdowns, a franchise record. Fans will talk about them for years in the category of the 2000s Ravens and 1985 Bears. They won a Lombardi. We won’t sniff the postseason.

Matt Judon improved immensely from a season ago, ranking third in sacks (14.5). Quarterbacks fear lining up against him. Kyle Dugger became a household name with an incredible season. He scored three times! Marcus Jones slid right into J.C Jackson’s role, bringing it to a new level. He scored on defense, special teams, and offense! There was nothing this defense couldn’t do except win.

Special Teams Needs to Improve for the Patriots

The bread and butter of a Bill Belichick football team proved to be the most undisciplined in the entire league this season. I closed my eyes or looked at my phone on every punt because I could not watch them screw up. It did not work.

Jake Bailey fell from grace harder than Mel Gibson. His replacement has been even worse! His punts make mine look hall of fame worthy. The problem does not end with the punters. Brendon Schooler continues to be a disappointment. How hard is it not to run into the punter? Is it that hard?

Special teams should benefit your team, not a detriment. That needs to be fixed ASAP this off-season.

The Champ of the Patriot Peeps Final Thoughts of 2022

I had so many high hopes for this season. I watched Mac take snaps in training camp, envisioning him replicating them in the AFC championship game. Not a single worry went into the offense. They had every weapon Mac Jones could need to put the ball in the end zone.

My eyes were glued to the defense. I critiqued every move they made during scrimmages. I was complaining about how they should have locked Lil’Jordan down better or how Mac had too much time. I was a fool.

I rode the emotional rollercoaster with everyone in Patriots Nation. I watched the same dumpster fire you did, but through a different lens. The lens showed me that even with a win against the Bills this week, it is not worth the extra week to say this team made the playoffs. It is not going to happen.

The Bills almost lost their teammate last Monday night. He facetimed them from the hospital after being nearly dead for three days. Do you think they’ll let a Bill Belichick Patriots team beat them to get into the playoffs? NOT A CHANCE!

I will never forget this season for many reasons. I have met some fantastic people, created championship-worthy content, and hopefully put a smile on each one of the peeps’ faces. It’s a new year. Let’s make it a better one.

Go Pats.


Your Champion.

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