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The Patriots Must Draft This Position In Round One

The New England Patriots are poised to have a top-five pick in the draft, and likely the second or third overall pick. With a very talented class ahead, the Patriots must swing for a quarterback. Here's why.

Star Quarterbacks Are Needed To Contend

Regardless of how good a team's roster is, having a quarterback you trust is key to becoming a Super Bowl contender. For example, the Seahawks. The Seahawks, while having an extremely talented roster, their ceiling is limited because of Geno Smith. He's had a great career resurrection but ultimately, the Seahawks are going to need to go on the road and win multiple playoff games, and that seems very unlikely.

Even Brock Purdy, with a historically good roster around him, struggled against the Ravens. The NFL playoffs are a grind, and there will be situations where a team needs their quarterback to go on the road and duel it out, and for that star quarterbacks are needed. The quarterback position is the most important in the entire NFL, and the Patriots should prioritize scouting quarterbacks above all.

Gives The Patriots Promise Going Forward

An ideal game plan for the Patriots should be to draft a quarterback with their first pick and address the offensive line later in the draft. Then in free agency, make efforts to land a receiver for your young quarterback. If this is executed with aggression, New England will probably have an option of Drake Maye or Jayden Daniels. The Patriots could also go after Michael Pittman Jr or Tee Higgins in free agency.

Acquiring a high-upside quarterback and then using free agency for a receiver might be the best line of action for New England. If the Patriots end up taking Marvin Harrison Jr or Malik Nabers, these players may not reach their potential assuming New England doesn't have a solution at quarterback. 

The Raiders are a prime example of this. Davante Adams is a historically good receiving talent, but with limited quarterback play, he went from 1,500 yards last year to around 1,000 receiving yards this year. While the numbers still show a high impact, Adams is capable of a lot more.

The Patriots are in a rare situation where they'll likely receive a top-three pick. With the struggles they have had and the importance of quarterbacks, they should take one.


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