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The Patriots Do Not Need Former 2019 MVP Lamar Jackson

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

The NFL offseason has evolved into its own reality show. The storylines created by our friends behind the news desk captivate us throughout this lull of action. However, some stories make you toss your phone across the room. Lamar Jackson announced that he would like to be traded, combined with the rumors about the Patriots, led to mine being sent into orbit.

Jackson tweeted that he requested a trade from the Ravens on March 2nd. However, he and the team could not agree on a long-term contract, forcing their hand into putting a non-exclusive franchise tag on him. The news made NFL fans frenzy, especially my peeps in New England.

in regards to my future plans. As of March 2nd I requested a trade from the Ravens organization for which the Ravens has not been interested in meeting my value, any and everyone that’s has met me or been around me know I love the game of football and my dream is to help a team — Lamar Jackson (@Lj_era8) March 27, 2023

Why do the Patriots need Lamar? Their offensive woes were not because of poor quarterback play; the offense looked like 12 chickens with their heads cut off! The champ knows what the Pats need; Lamar isn’t worth it.

Patriots Fixed Biggest Issue At The Beginning Of The Offseason

Matt Patricia did everything he could to ruin the Patriots’ offense last season. Peewee Football teams convert more in the red zone than New England did in 2022. After Belichick and Kraft had their end-of-the-year spat, they sent Patricia on his way to bring the notorious BOB back home. He brings the familiarity of the Patriots and Alabama football programs to a quarterback who desperately needs comfort in his football life.

Next, the Patriots patched a hole in their offensive line issues by hiring Adrian Klemm. Klemm coordinated the run game in Oregon, working exclusively with the offensive line. So finally, there is some hope in protecting Mac Jones. Or will they be protecting Lamar Jackson?

Mac Jones Deserves A Fair Chance At Leading The Patriots’ Offense

Did Covid impair our memories? Do my Patriot peeps forget Mac Jones griddying in the Pro Bowl? Do they forget him going on a seven-game streak of exceptional football? The champ remembers.

What happened the following season? His offensive coordinator takes a job in Sin City. His replacement specializes in defense. Even worse, his protection in the trenches let him down. The man did not have a prayer of giving this team a successful playoff campaign.

Jones proved that he shares a lot of similarities with the previous quarterback. His mechanics are identical. His most impressive quality comes with how he handles himself off the field. His maturity has been praised by some of the league’s most well-respected members. Unfortunately, that is not something every QB can be taught.

Meek Mill Disagrees With The Champ About Who The Patriots QB Should Be

The latest headline to come out of Foxboro has me needing clarification about whether or not I am in a Dream or a Nightmare.

Patriots owner Robert Kraft said Meek Mill texted him three or four days ago saying Lamar Jackson wanted to come to New England. Kraft responded that would be Bill Belichick’s decision. — Albert Breer (@AlbertBreer) March 27, 2023

Meek Mill started his week by sliding into Patriots owner Bobby Kraft’s DMs, begging the owner to make an offer for Lamar Jackson. Kraft responded by stating it was Belichick’s decision. There is a weird power dynamic in the Patriots organization.

It is well known that Kraft and Mill have a strong friendship. Kraft worked tirelessly in helping Meek Mill be released from jail and seen with him on his release day. So it’s nice to see him take an interest in helping the Patriots but stick to your hometown team, bud.

If the Patriots trade for Lamar Jackson, they will pay him. They are going to pay him a lot of money. Money that could be allocated for other positions. Positions that need a facelift. It is the exact opposite of what got them six Super Bowls.

I may be a bit bitter because of the unfortunate DeAndre Hopkins news. But, instead, Pats Nation will see him in the enemy’s colors twice a year. It does not make sense for Lamar Jackson to be a Patriot when Mac Jones gives the team just as good an opportunity to win a championship. His potential has yet to be touched. He needs more time. We need to be patient.

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