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The Packers "Don't Have A No. 1 Receiver", According To Jordan Love

Green Bay Packets Quarter Back Jordon Love

With a fresh and untested wide receiver squad going into the 2023 campaign, it's easy to say the bunch rose to the occasion. Two-year wide receivers Christian Watson and Romeo Doubs and rookie wide receivers Jayden Reed and Dontayvion Wicks combined for 190 catches for 2,470 yards and 25 touchdowns.

Green Bay’s young squad played a significant role in the team’s success, which included a playoff wild-card round victory over the Dallas Cowboys. All four players helped the squad achieve that accomplishment, but none stood out as the number one wide receiver. 

But Jordan Love thinks that might actually be a good thing.

Pros Of Not Having A No. 1 Receiver

This week, Love told reporters, “I think you don’t have to have a No.1 receiver”. He explained, “I think it works out well when you can spread the ball out, and you got different guys making different plays, and you can't put ‘em in different areas. I think it puts a lot more stress on the defense and the calls that they can get in, so I think in the long run, it helps us not having a No.1 guy, but I think all those guys can step up and be the one any given day.”

Love continues, “You can plug any of these guys at any position, and they’ll go out there and make plays. I think a little of that was proven last year. We had different guys injured throughout the season, and guys had to move around a little bit, play some different spots that they might not have been used to.”

So, Who Is Going Where?

As a rookie last year, Jayden Reed already began to emerge as the team’s best wide receiver, and he is primed to advance next year by assuming a more prominent role as the slot receiver. It might be a little annoying if Reed is forced off the field in the 22 personnel looks, but fans believe his skill will help keep him on the field most of the time. 

While there are risks associated with Christian Watson, his output on the field is unquestionable, and when he’s healthy, the team trusts him. Although Watson offers some excellent upsides if you are willing to take that risk, he could still be risky in a typical redraft. He offers some excellent upsides if you are prepared to take that chance. But he is an even better choice for the best ball and has the potential to have some truly spectacular weeks that will help the team win. 

Romeo Doubs and Dontayvion Wicks are wild cards, but depending on how their playing time pans out, they offer the most value among the receivers. Wicks is a solid option if you want to wager on him making a second-year jump. 

Wicks’ ADP has been rising while Doubs’ has been declining, but given the playoffs and his extensive playing time, Doubs might be the safer option. Though there’s always the chance that they cancel each other out, if one closes the gap enough, they might be a great late-round pick.


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