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The Only Prop Bets For Patriots and Bills in Week 13

I am thankful that my family and friends are a constant source of support. Wrestling will be popular. My fantasy teams won crucial matchups. Should I include anything from the list? Oh right, I forgot about that football team in Foxboro! I remembered the Patriots; I just did not cut them. The truth hurts, mainly when spoken by a champion.

The Patriots have been a headache this entire season. Each week feels like a trip to the dentist’s office. It’s filled with anxiety before walking inside and then leaving with a sense of disappointment.

That feeling changed this week. It felt like Mac Jones traveled back to his rookie season. Receivers caught passes in open space. Hunter Henry caught two touchdown passes.

I said what I said.

Now, it’s time to take this momentum into Amazon’s version of football this Thursday night. If you’re planning on making any bets, these are the ones to place.

Patriots Quarterback Mac Jones Throws OVER 250 yards

Mac Jones impressed my last game, man. He showed shades of his rookie year accurately and calmly in the pocket. He hit every Patriots receiver that needs to be involved in the offense. It took longer than expected, but Mac Jones proved his rookie season was not a fluke.

The Bills are without three defensive stars, Von Miller, Dion Dawkins, and Gregory Rousseau, against the Pats. If there was a game for the offensive line to step up, it’s against the most significant threat around the league. Protect Mac at all costs. He gets it this week.

Rhomandre Stevenson Carries The Patriots Backfield To Victory

Mac Jones can’t do everything for the Patriots. Luckily, I did not forget about Dre. Who could? Rhomandre Stevenson is in the driver’s seat. When the offense struggles, he finds a way to keep moving forward. Similarly to the Packers, the Bills struggle to stop the run. However, their missing x-factors make Stevenson’s job a lot easier.

He does not just run the ball; Jones utilizes him as a receiver. Stevenson has finished with 55 or more receiving yards in five games this season. He has been a quality addition to the passing game. Dump it into the flat and let the man cook.

Matt Judon Continues To Make Patriots History

Matt Judon has been the best free agent signing in recent Patriots history. He leads the league in sacks with 10.5. A year ago, fans dreaded seeing him take the field. It’s a different story in 2022.

Judon failed to sack Kirk Cousins on Thanksgiving. He is unhappy about that, especially with the Vikings’ line woes. He remembers how things ended last season. Josh Allen and his boys steamrolled them in the playoffs. Judon needs to put him into the ground.

The Patriots and Bills Will Not Score More Than 43 Points

Amazon Prime produces lousy football. It has improved as the season went on, but the first few games made it feel like Hulu or Netflix might be a better option. Both teams will score points in this matchup, but this game is more of a 20-17 final score as one of the kickers knocks it through the uprights.

I would love to be wrong. But nothing would make me happier than seeing Mac Jones and Josh Allen dual it in a 42-38 barnburner. Daydreams are daydreams meant to fill us with excitement for reality.

Go Pats, peeps.

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