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The NHL's Biggest Mistake Happens to be Their Best PR Move

With the 2024 NHL All-Star Game just around the corner, the league's fanbase's anticipation continues to increase. The game, to be played in Toronto in February, is undoubtedly the best of the season, combining all household names and star players to compete to win $1 million. The players have been selected, finalized, and announced to the public, leaving very few loose ends untied.

Of these loose ends, however, include the four teams' jerseys. After much suspicion, Adidas solved this ongoing mystery just days ago. The company leaked photos of different jerseys created to be worn by the four teams through their website, quickly creating chaos among many social media users.

Negative feedback dramatically increased once fans started to recognize Adidas created the design in collaboration with Drew House, pop singer Justin Bieber's company. The diverse range of reactions reflects the extent of enthusiasm from individuals in and outside the hockey community.

Was the NHL's Decision a Mistake?

The jerseys, pictured below, are notably different than years before. They feature vibrant colors and bold design elements, giving off a youthful and energetic vibe.

The departure from the norm and traditions and Bieber's inclusion of personal logos have driven long-time hockey fans mad. The unconventional choices have intensified the debate about how much individual artistic expression should go into the team jerseys.

Many admit their preference toward more traditional and timeless designs, arguing that this design has gone too far. Intertwining pop culture with sports has remained a hot topic throughout the years, with this situation just intensifying such debates.

The Best PR Move

Despite the ongoing critiques, there is no denying the increased buzz and excitement surrounding these jerseys and collaboration. Bieber's design has brought freshness and new energy to the NHL's All-Star Game, creating greater anticipation and excitement leading up to the event.

Regardless of whether fans like the new design, the new jerseys have broken the internet, increased traffic to the NHL's social media accounts, and shed light on the league and All-Star Game. The fusion between music, sports, and fashion has sparked conversations nationwide, pushing the boundaries of tradition.


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